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RocketAIC 7749EW

PCIe Gen4 x16 NVMe AIC Expansion Drive – Up to 61.44TB of Storage Capacity – Up to 28GB/s of Transfer Performance!

RocketAIC 7749E Front Side

HighPoint RocketAIC 7749EW series expansion drives represent the industry’s most advanced turnkey PCIe Gen4 x16 NVMe storage solutions. Engineered for performance-hungry industrial and business applications, RocketAIC 7749EW (RA7749EW) NVMe drives utilize HighPoint’s ground breaking dual-wide PCB architecture and Broadcom’s state-of-the-art PCIe Gen4 PCIe switch technology to maximize the density, performance and reliability of E1.S storage media. A robust aluminum casing fully encloses and protects the E1.S SSDs and sensitive controller hardware from high-stress working environments, and incorporates a purpose-built cooling system designed to mitigate performance bottlenecks imposed by thermal throttling.

RocketAIC 7749EW series NVMe RAID drives are equipped with eight of Solidigm’s DC class D7-P5520 E1.S SSDs, and are ideal for professional 24/7 workflows that require a high-density NVMe storage solution capable of maximizing x16 lanes of PCIe Gen4 host bandwidth with enterprise-level endurance and reliability. The dual-wide, full-length NVMe drives were engineered for full-sized tower workstation platforms, and are capable of delivering up to 28GB/s of sustained transfer performance and over 60TB of storage capacity.

Broadcom Inside!

HighPoint RocketAIC NVMe expansion drives incorporate Broadcom PCIe switch chipsets, to optimize signal integrity, reduce latency and maximize transfer throughput. The Switch ICs are integrated directly into the AIC’s controller hardware, and provide an abundance of electrical lanes: a total of 48 for the RocketAIC 7749EW series.

The highly flexible, performance-focused hardware architecture is unique to our NVMe solutions and ensures bandwidth is never wasted. RocketAIC 7749EW series expansion drives allocate a dedicated x16 lanes of Upstream bandwidth, and x4 lanes of downstream bandwidth to each device port.

Broadcom Inside_RocketAIC 7749E

Equipped with Solidigm’s Datacenter Class D7-P5520 Series E1.S SSDs

RocketAIC 7749EW series NVMe expansion drives leverage our industry leading NVMe hardware and Solidigm’s Datacenter Class D7-P5520 Series E1.S SSDs to deliver enterprise grade reliability and transfer performance.

Up to 28000MBs Read Speeds and 27000MBs Write Speeds_RocketAIC 7749E

Engineered for professional workflows and ultra-high-performance workstation platforms, RocketAIC 7749EW series drives deliver a potent combination of high-density storage capacity, reliability and blazing fast data throughput.

Workstation setup behind the RocketAIC 7749E

Your Choice: Maximum Transfer Speed & Capacity, Maximum Data Security, or the Best of Worlds!

RocketAIC NVMe Drives are capable of supporting bootable and data-only storage configurations, and were designed to accommodate a wide-range of high-performance workflows, including AI learning and AV systems, content creation and post-production platforms, and high-speed data ingestion and media capture solutions.

RocketAIC drives are shipped pre-configured to maximize performance and capacity, but can be easily reconfigured using our quick and intuitive management suite.

Striping - This mode delivers Maximum Performance and capacity by linking multiple NVMe SSDs together to act as a single storage unit.

Mirroring - This mode creates a hidden duplicate of the target SSD, and is ideal for applications that require an extra layer of data security, including bootable volumes.

Security & Speed –This mode offers the best of both worlds. Two mirrored arrays are striped together to maximize performance with a layer of data redundancy.

Striping Maximize Transfer Speed & Capacity
Precision Engineered Double-Width NVMe Cooling Solution_RocketAIC 7749E

Precision Engineered Double-Width NVMe Cooling Solution

As NVMe technology continues to proliferate across vertical markets, the demand for a faster, denser storage solution that utilizes compact form-factor M.2 SSDs and new DC class E1.S media, is on the rise. RocketAIC 7749EW drive is fully enclosed by an anodized aluminum casing designed to optimize airflow. The dual-width architecture’s unique socket design enables the Solidigm D7-P5520 SSDs to be arranged vertically, similar to how memory is installed into a conventional motherboard. This ensures both sides of each SSD are exposed to the cool air ingested by a pair of powerful, low-decibel cooling fans. The cool air is then condensed and circulated throughout the casing, which then rapidly ejects waste heat via the ventilated PCIe bracket.

Learn More about HighPoint’s Dual-Width NVMe Cooling Solution

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite

Though RocketAIC drives are designed to work right out of the box, customers are free to install HighPoint’s intuitive WebGUI and CLI management software suite. The WebGUI includes our SHI solution (Storage Health Inspector), which provides simple and quick real-time temperature monitoring and endurance tracking.

The WebGUI is a graphical user interface designed to work with all modern Web Browsers. Quick, and easily mastered, the WebGUI can be used to manage, configure and monitor every aspect of your RocketAIC NVMe drive with a few simple clicks. Customers with advanced administrative skills may prefer the HighPoint CLI (Command Line Interface). For many Linux veterans, it is the tool of choice, as it runs from a terminal window, is universal for any distribution, and does not require a graphical OS.

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite_RocketAIC 7749E
Cross-Sync drives double performance and capacity_RocketAIC 7749E

Double Your Performance and Capacity Potential!

Need more performance and storage capacity? Need to maximize transfer throughput for a specific application or workflow? HighPoint has you covered. RocketAIC NVMe expansion drives are fully compatible with our Cross-Sync RAID technology and HPT-Optimizer solution. Customers can link multiple RocketAIC 7749EW drives and leverage up to 32 lanes of upstream bandwidth to deliver an astounding 55GB/s+ of sustained transfer performance while doubling storage capacity to a massive 122.88TB! HPT-Optimize can maximize real-world transfer throughput by directly linking each RocketAIC drive to their corresponding CPU Core and target application to minimize latency.

Learn More about HighPoint Performance Optimization Technology





RA7749EW-S30T7-01: 30.72TB
RA7749EW-S61T4-02: 61.44TB


Sequential Read (MB/s): 28138
Sequential Write (MB/s): 27377

RAID Support

RAID 0, 1, 10, Single-Disk


RAID 0, 1, 10, Single-Disk

Number of Channel / Port


Port Type


Data Transfer Rate


Number of device


SSD Form Factor


Card Dimensions

11.18”(W) x 4.92” (H) x 1.53”(D)

Card Weight

4.03 lbs.

Warranty - Learn More

3 Years
RA7749EW-S30T7-01: TBW(Total SSDs) : 56PB; TBW(Single SSD): 7PB
RA7749EW-S61T4-02: TBW(Total SSDs) : 112PB; TBW(Single SSD): 14PB

Cooling System

Aluminum casing with integrated thermal pad & cooling fan



Fan Control

Yes (Windows)

Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection


System Support


Windows 11, 10; Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016; Microsoft Hyper-V
RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Proxmox, Rocky Linux (Linux kernel 3.10 and later)

System Requirements

PC Platforms: Dell Precision 7960 Tower Workstation

Secure Boot

Windows: Yes (need UEFI driver corresponding to Secure Boot); Linux: No

Storage Mode - NVMe

Data RAID (Non-Bootable)

Windows, Linux (Linux Driver can be installed via internet/network connection)


Windows 11, 10 ; Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016; Microsoft Hyper-V; RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Proxmox, Rocky Linux (Linux kernel 3.10 & later) (Linux Driver can be installed via internet/network connection)

NVMe Storage Management

Management Suites

WebGUI (Browser-Based management tool )
CLI (Command Line Interface- scriptable configuration tool)
API package
UEFI Tool & UEFI HII (BIOS interface via Human Interface Infrastructure Support)

SMTP Email Alert Notification


Alarm Buzzer


Storage Health Inspector


NVMe SMART status


Automatic and configurable RAID Rebuilding Priority


Auto resume incomplete rebuilding after power on or reboot system


Single-RAID or Multi-RAID Arrays per Controller


Cross-Sync RAID Solution Across Controllers


Advanced RAID features

Online Array Roaming


RAID Quick Initialization for fast array setup


Flash ROM for Upgradeable UEFI


Bootable RAID Array


Multiple RAID Partitions supported


Global Hot Spare Disk support


Operating Environment

Work Temp

+5°C ~ + 55°C

Storage Temp

-20°C ~ +80°C

Operating Voltage

PCI-e: 12V, 3.3V


RA7749EW-S30T7-01: 137.28W
RA7749EW-S61T4-02: 161.28W

MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) 

2 million hours

Certification / Approval


Kit Contents


1x 5-RA7749E-S30T7W-01
1x Quick Installation Guide


1x RA7749E-S61T4W-02
1x Quick Installation Guide



UEFI Software Package

UEFI Tool (Secure Boot is not supported)


UEFI Tool (Secure Boot is supported)


Windows Software Package

Windows RAID Management


Windows Driver


Linux Software Package (Secure Boot is not supported)

Linux RAID Management


Data RAID-Linux Open Source Driver



Product Specifications



User Guides

Quick Installation Guide


RAID Management User Guide


Data RAID - Driver & RAID Management Installation Guide (Windows)


Data RAID - Driver & RAID Management Installation Guide (Linux)


Boot RAID - Driver Installation Guide (Windows)


Boot RAID - Binary Driver Installation Guide (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)


Boot RAID - Binary Driver Installation Guide (Ubuntu Linux)


Boot RAID - Binary Driver Installation Guide (Rocky Linux)


Boot RAID - Binary Driver Installation Guide (Debian Linux)


HPT-Accelerate Software User Guide (Linux)


UEFI ROM Update Guide


RAID Controller/Enclosure Port Guide

Streamlining Installation: PCIe Expansion Drives for HP & Dell Systems

Streamlining Installation: PCIe Expansion Drives for HP & Dell Systems

RocketAIC PCIe Expansion Drive RAID Features

RocketAIC PCIe Expansion Drive RAID Features

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