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HighPoint 6Gb/s SATA PCIe 3.0 RAID HBA's

RocketRAID 800 Series

RocketRAID 800 Series

RocketRAID 800 series HBA's are the industry's fastest SATA RAID Controllers. The PCle Generation 3.0 hostinterface and dedicated 6Gb/s SATA channels work in tandem to deliver uncompromised transfer performance forup to 16 SSD's or hard disks.

  • Features high-performance PCIe 3.0 X8 host Interface

  • Maximizes SSD Storage performance

  • Enables the lndustry`s most Cost-Effective RAID 5,6 & 5/0 Storage Solutions


HighPoint 6Gb/s SATA PCIe 2.0 RAID / non-RAID HBA's

2nd Gen. SATA 6Gb/s PCIe RAID HBA's_banner

RocketRAID 600 Series

RocketRAID 600 series HBA's are the ideal 6Gb/s SATA storage solution for any PC or Mac. Available with 1 to 4 Mini-SAS/SATA ports in internal and external configurations, RocketRAlD 600 series HBA's are capable of supporting point-to-point based storage devices. The compact PCB design, available low-profile form factor and industry standard port connectors make any storage upgrade, integration or expansion project a snap.

  • Up to 4 6Gb/s SATA channels

  • PCI-Express 2.0 Host lnterface

  • HighPoint Hardware Assisted-RAID

6Gb/s SATA non-RAID HBA`s

2 port internal and external series SATA 6Gb/s host adapters. installation for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD._banner

Rocket 600 Series

HighPoint's Rocket 600 series are the industry's most affordable SATA 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 HBA's. These best-selling host controllers are the ideal low-cost storage upgrade for any desktop PC, and support up to 4 internal orexternal SATA hard drives and SSD's. Rocket 600 series HBA's are industry AHCI compliant SATA 6Gb/s Hostcontrollers.

  • Up to 4 6Gb/s SATA channels

  • PCI-Express 2.0 Host lnterface

  • HighPoint Hardware Assisted-RAID


HighPoint OEM/ODM Services

HighPoint provides a wide range of engineering and manufacturing services for OEM/ODM applications.
If you require a specific HBA/RAID controller solution or require a product that is already EOL, please contact our Sales Department.

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