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Welcome to the HighPoint Windows Community

HighPoint has been an expert in all things Windows since Day 1. And if we are being honest, we already had years of professional, Certified Windows development experience under our collective belts long before HighPoint Technologies, Inc. was officially established; stretching all the way back to the early days of the Windows 3.x era, when the company was organized as Triones Technologies.


Starting with the launch of our very first IDE/ATA controller IC in 1995, HighPoint has successfully developed and deployed Microsoft Certified device drivers for every one of our product lines. Drivers are routinely developed for every major release of the Windows Operating system; this includes all desktop and server versions, as well as Microsoft’s more specialized software solutions such as Hyper-V and Azure.

In addition, existing driver releases are tested for compliance for each major Windows update to ensure hosted storage configurations remain online after a required reboot.


The Windows Community page documents all Windows related software releases for HighPoint’s extensive Storage Solution product lines including driver update announcements, Windows support announcements for new product series, upcoming release schedules, and FAQs with useful troubleshooting tips for commonly reported technical issues.

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Software & Manual Updates

October 27, 2023

Our engineers have developed the Windows driver and

Windows RAID Management for the new R710L/  R720L, please download the latest driver and management software from the product page now.

Supported Products:


December 30, 2022

Windows Update Drive Verification

Our test team has tested the content for the December update and the driver works properly.

Win11 22H2(22621.963), Win11 21H2(22000.1335),  Win10 22H2(19045.2364),Win10 21H2(19044.2364),  Win10 21H1(19043.2364),Win10 20H2(19042.2364),

Server 2022 Version 21H2(OS Build 20348.1368)

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