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Welcome to the HighPoint Linux Community

HighPoint has been an active Linux developer for over two decades. Since the early SATA era, we have successfully developed Linux device drivers, open-source packages, storage and RAID management applications and performance optimization toolsets for our entire product range.

We currently offer pre-compiled binary drivers for range of popular Linux distributions, including RedHat, Ubuntu and Rocky Linux, and our LACS (Linux Auto-Compilation) solution for our leading NVMe, SAS and SATA product families.

We publish individual webpages for each supported Linux distribution that enable customers to check the availability of new Linux related software, track development progress of upcoming driver/software solutions, and request advice or technical support from our team of dedicated Linux specialists.

A Brief History of Linux Development


Software & Manual Updates

November 3, 2023

The Linux Open Source Driver and Linux RAID Management software for R710L/R720L have been released. Please download the latest driver and management software from the product page now.

Supported Products:


September 28, 2023

Boot RAID - Local Installation Guide (Ubuntu Linux) and Boot RAID - Network Installation Guide (Ubuntu Linux) released 

Our guides can be downloaded on the following product pages:

RocketRAID 3700RocketRAID 2800RocketRAID 800Rocket 700

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