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Newsletter - New OS Support

Added Support for Rocky linux 9.0

The new Opensource Driver has added support for this os. Support Products:SSD7xxx; SSD6540/6540M; RocketRAID3700; RocketRAID2800; RocketRAID800; RocketRAID600; Rocket710/720; RocketStor643xTS;

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Newsletter - Manual Updates

User Manual for Linux Performance Optimization

Scripts Released >> Read More

Our optimization scripts can be downloaded on the following product pages:SSD7xxx; RocketRAID3700; RocketRAID2800; RocketRAID800; Rocket710/720; RocketStor643xTS;

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Driver Updates

January 6, 2023

SSD6444 initial version of Linux Driver (Ubuntu/ Debian/Fedora/Proxmox/Redhat/Rocky) and management software released.

Supported Products:


December 16, 2022

The Linux Opensource Driver of the following products has been updated to V1. - supporting older kernels (CentOS7, Redhat7, Ubuntu16 ).

Supported Products:






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