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HighPoint’s Linux Auto-Compile Solution 2.0 (LACS)

HighPoint’s LACS 2.0 Solution Makes Linux Driver Updates a Seamless Experience!

HighPoint’s original Linux Auto-Compile service (LACS1.0) was designed to streamline the device driver installation process for Linux distributions. The administrator needed only install the open-source package a single time (after the product has been physically installed). Although administrators would still need to request a new open-source package if the target application or platform required a new a kernel or version of a Linux distribution, manual driver compilation was no longer required for general updates.

LACS2.0 represents a huge leap forward in terms of serviceability. As with LACS1.0, the LACS2.0 package need only be installed once. However, unlike LACS, LACS2.0 does not require that an administrator e