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Bootable RAID & Drive Support via LACS Binary Driver Solutions

Unlike other solutions that require a binary driver for bootable applications, HighPoint’s LACS (Linux Auto Compilation Solution) was designed to streamline and automate the entire Linux setup and installation process. Provided the host platform has an internet connection, the administrator need only execute a single command line to activate the installation process. Once initialized, LACS will connect to the Backend Server, download all necessary files; installation scripts and the device driver that matches the target distribution, and execute the required commands in the background.

In addition, HighPoint’s Open-Source NVMe driver package has been incorporated directly into the LACS workflow. Administrators no longer have to install additional software manually after the OS is up and running. The Open-Source package allows LACS to verify and update the active device driver to correspond with any fixes or patches that are available for the host OS.

LACS (Linux Auto Compilation Solution)

How it Works

LACs enables even the most novice Linux Administrator to seamlessly integrate HighPoint NVMe RAID solutions into mainstream Linux distributions. LACS was designed to ensure that storage hosted by HighPoint product or solution remains fully operational whenever a new kernel is installed or when the distribution is updated or patched.


Installation could not be simpler – administrators need only execute a single command line; everything else is handled by LACS. The system automatically checks our secure, dedicated online database for updates whenever the Linux platform is booted, and will automatically recompile driver support as needed to ensure NVMe storage media is readily accessible.

The system has been continually refined over the years to further streamline and automate the update process while incorporating new product lines and storage technology.

Robust Self-Monitoring, Update & Troubleshooting System

If LACS determines that the host Linux OS is not compatible with the active driver and available updates, the service will immediately instruct the LACS network to request a new Binary driver. This process enables Highpoint’s dedicated LACS engineering team to expedite the development process and ensure the RAID AIC is in sync with the customer’s computing environment.


Any errors encountered during installation, monitoring or update processes are immediately logged by LACS, and can be easily retrieved for examination by our Support Department. This automated process was designed to streamline troubleshooting and information gathering when submitting support inquiry be reducing the back-and-forth between the customer and service provider, and ensures all necessary data is on hand for immediate analysis.


Supported Distributions

· Centos 

· Debian 

· Fedora 


· Ubuntu 

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