2 & 4-Port PCIe Gen3 x8 NVMe RAID Solutions; SD6200 Series; Bootable, Redundant NVMe RAID Solutions, Integrated Host RAID 1 & 0; Microsoft Hyper-V; FreeBSD; Proxmox; Vmware; Linux;

HighPoint SSD6200 Series NVMe RAID Controllers are ideal for professional applications that require a bootable storage solution with host-level redundant RAID capability and native in-box driver support.


SSD6200 Series controllers were designed to maximize uptime of the host platform and ease the of integration and maintenance of NVMe RAID Storage. In addition, a wide range of solution packages are available for the professional VAR; customers can opt for either 2 and 4 dedicated M.2 device ports, integrated Host RAID 1, 0 & JBOD support, optional OOB management when outside of the OS platform, LED RAID status & I/O indication, UEFI/BIOS/CLI/GUI management interfaces, and Half-Height or Full-Height form factors.

Wide Spectrum of Supported Operating Systems

Native hardware support ensures seamless OS Installation & Upgrades


HighPoint SSD6200 series controllers enable professional solutions providers to seamlessly configure bootable, redundant RAID storage for a wide range of customer applications. Native In-Box Driver support is available all major Virtualization platforms, such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Promox, and all current versions and distributions of Windows, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. Customers are free to update the Kernel, apply patches, or download and install scheduled updates as needed, without fear of data loss or the need for complicated procedures.

Red Hat
Windows Server 2019
Microsoft Hyper-V
Windows Server 2016
Windows 11
Xen Project
Windows Server 2022
Windows 10

Integrated Host RAID Technology

HighPoint Industrial and Virtualization solutions feature integrated host, hardware-level RAID 0, 1 and JBOD capability. RAID arrays hosted by SSD6200 series controllers are fully transparent and will be automatically recognized by all current VM and OS platforms as available single-drives. No drivers, special procedures or software application is required.

Maximum Uptime

Though simple, RAID 1 mirroring technology remains one of the most effective way to secure a bootable storage configuration against the threat of device failure. RAID 1 creates a hidden, automated backup of the target drive; in this case, a bootable NVMe SSD. If the original should fail, the mirrored backup will immediately, and seamlessly, take the reins. This enables the host system to remain online, and continue to operate, unabated.

Simplicity Redefined

Configure arrays with the flip of a switch!

No IT background? No problem! SSD6200 controllers are ideal for users of any skill level. Customers don't need to master a complicated RAID application to configure NVMe storage.

Optimizes Production Workflows