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About Us
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Three Decades of Storage Expertise

HighPoint Technologies stands at the forefront of storage innovation as the industry's -premier manufacturer of high-performance, high-density NVMe Switch and RAID AIC (add-in card) & Adapter solutions for off-the-shelf x86 AMD and Intel platforms. With a rich history spanning nearly three decades, our dedication to delivering innovative, reliable, and high-performance storage solutions has consistently set us ahead in the marketplace.

Our comprehensive portfolio extends across NVMe, SAS, SATA, USB, and Thunderbolt connectivity, catering to a wide array of technological needs. HighPoint is committed to the advancement of storage technology and has continuously pushed boundaries to pioneer new horizons in storage solutions. 


Beginning in 2017, we pivoted our focus to the development of cutting-edge NVMe storage and connectivity solutions, marking a significant shift in our product strategy. HighPoint PCIe Gen5 and Gen4 NVMe storage solutions are powered by our High-Performance PCIe Switching Architecture, and are designed to address the dynamic requirements of AI applications, Data Centers, Edge Servers, and high-end workstation and desktop platforms, enabling customers to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.


HighPoint Product Milestones


























Controller IC & Software Solutions

  • Licenses Bus Master Device Driver for Intel’s Pentium Chipset

  • Licenses CD/DVD-ROM Software to SONY, Hitachi, NEC, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, LG

  • Introduces HPT366 – The industry’s first ATA66 embedded ATA66 controller. This chipset is adopted by leading motherboard vendors including ABIT, I will, and ECS. Well over a million HPT366 are sold, establishing HighPoint as a major player in the PC storage market.

Following the debut of the groundbreaking HPT3xx series of IDE/ATA controller ICs in 1995, HighPoint has consistently delivered pioneering products for every subsequent storage interface evolution.

The company has a history of introducing industry-first solutions, including the first onboard RAID controllers, commercially available SATA RAID AICs, cost-effective RAID-on-Chip Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), and port-dense SAS/SATA interface RAID and connectivity solutions, culminating in today’s premier NVMe AIC and Adapter portfolio.

HighPoint is renowned for manufacturing the industry’s densest single-AIC storage and connectivity solutions for x86 Intel and AMD PC platforms. These innovative designs can incorporate up to 48 independent device ports into a single PCIe device. From the SATAII era to the current generations of SAS/SATA and NVMe, HighPoint has consistently maximized port count without compromising transfer bandwidth or signal integrity.

High-Performance PCIe Switching Architecture

HighPoint’s pioneering electronic board architecture maximizes available host bandwidth and per-device port count by leveraging state-of-the-art PCIe switch technology to optimize transfer performance, minimize latency and facilitate consistent, reliable I/O throughput in the most demanding working environments. This approach has enabled HighPoint storage solutions to overcome the limitations of conventional AIC and HBA solutions, which are often prone to severe performance bottlenecks and signal degradation due to their complete reliance on the host computing platform for resource allocation.

48 Lanes of Dedicated PCle Gen5 Bandwidth_v1.05_24_05_06.png

Decades of OS Development Expertise

HighPoint's extensive experience with Windows, Linux and Mac-based operating systems has culminated in a diverse array of certified device drivers, encompassing the entirety of our NVMe, Thunderbolt™, USB, and SAS/SATA product lines. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our rigorous testing methodology, ensuring that our drivers remain compliant with official OS updates and future releases. This meticulous approach reflects our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our customers in an ever-evolving technological landscape.


Proven RAID & Storage Technology

HighPoint has long been at the forefront of the storage industry. For over 20 years, our industry-leading RAID IP has continually evolved to keep pace with the rapid advancements of storage technology and ensure HighPoint RAID products and solutions maximize storage performance, reliability and accessibility for host Server and Workstation environments.

Solutions powered by HighPoint RAID technology are available for a wide range of storage interfaces, hardware platforms and operating systems. Our Core RAID Technology is comprised of the following:  


Our Proven NVMe and SAS/SATA RAID Engines enable each RAID AIC, Adapter or Enclosure to support up to four independent RAID arrays. RAID series product lines utilize unique HighPoint device drivers, which are developed for all Windows platforms, macOS and specific Linux distributions such as RHEL, Ubuntu and Rocky Linux.

Our Storage Monitoring, Management & Analysis Suite works conjunction with our RAID products series, and was developed to streamline the deployment and service of storage assets, and simplify administration at both the OS level and pre-OS environments with a selection of intuitive toolsets.

Robust features such as Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap capability, RAID expansion and migration, RAID roaming, bootable RAID volumes and multi-RAID device support provide unprecedented flexibility and control over hosted disks and arrays.  


In addition to our Core RAID technology, we offer a selection of Advanced features & Solutions designed to maximize the reliability and endurance of RAID storage configurations, such as our SafeStorage Data Encryption solution, and Advanced Environmental Monitoring, which logs and tracks the temperature, electrical characteristics and operational status of hosted storage hardware.  


Customization Services for Project Customers: We offer a range of hardware and software engineering services for Solution Providers and VARs looking to incorporate HighPoint RAID technology and hardware into unique product or solution. In addition, we can develop unique driver packages and management interfaces for specific operating systems and Linux Distributions.

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