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NVMe Ecosystem: Compatibility & Performance

Starting with the launch of our first “SSD” series RAID controller in 2017, HighPoint has continuously strived to be the market leader in NVMe storage performance and customer satisfaction.  


As a result of close collaboration with leading NVMe technology vendors and system manufacturers, HighPoint NVMe RAID and connectivity solutions are capable of hosting all major Client, DC and Enterprise class NVMe storage media available in today’s marketplace, and can be readily integrated into the vast majority of industry standard x86 Intel/AMD  and Apple Mac server or workstation platforms.  


However, the enormity of the modern computing landscape is not lost on us; we recognize the vast number of possible system configurations customers may encounter in the wild. Our field application engineers are ready to tackle each unique challenge head on, and will work tirelessly to improve product compatibility and optimize storage performance for each project and target application.  


Have questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Sales and Support representatives are always on hand to answer any compatibility or performance related questions you may have, and help you locate the proper resources.  


If you would like to request a specific Compatibility or Performance report for a specific motherboard or computing platform, please submit inquiries directly to our Sales Team.

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