RocketRAID 800 Series Maximizes SATA SSD Storage Performance;

Maximizes SATA SSD Storage Performance : RAID 5 Performance Up to 6,000MB/s!

RocketRAID 800 series host bus adapters are the industry’s fastest SATA RAID Controllers. The PCIe Generation 3.0 host interface and dedicated 6Gb/s SATA channels work in tandem to deliver uncompromised transfer performance for up to 16 SSD’s or hard disks. Backed by HighPoint’s 20 years of RAID technology expertise, and professional-grade RAID Storage reliability and management capabilities, RocketRAID 800 adapters are ideal for a wide range of cost-effective SATA storage applications.

Superior PCIe Gen 3.0 Transfer Bandwidth

RocketRAID 800 series host bus adapters allow customers to take full advantage of the superior transfer performance delivered by PCIe 3.0. Each PCIe lane supports up to 8 GT/s. PCIe 3.0 is ideal for today’s high-speed SSDs; the performance capabilities of multi-SSD RAID 5 configurations can achieve up to 6,000MB/s!

Professional-Class RAID Solutions

RocketRAID 800 series host bus adapters capitalize on HighPoint’s 2 decades of RAID and storage technology to deliver professional grade RAID storage at a fraction of the cost of conventional host RAID solutions. Each adapter is powered by our industry proven RAID technology, superior Gen 3.0 PCIe express transfer bandwidth, and up to sixteen dedicated 6Gb/s SATA channels, which support robust, high-performance RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 1/0, 5/0 and JBOD configurations using hard drives of any disk format, including 512, 512e and 4Kn.

RocketRAID 800 adapters were designed to maximize the uptime and accessibility of RAID storage. Advanced storage and RAID recovery tools enhance data retrieval from failed disks and streamline rebuild sessions. The universal RocketRAID WebGUI interface provides a wide range of preemptive monitoring and maintenance features that enable administrators to easily schedule verification sessions to ensure the health of each RAID storage configuration.

Seamlessly Upgrade RAID Storage

Rocket 800 series host bus adapters deliver unprecedented level of flexibility when it comes to storage configurations. Customers are free to expand or convert RAID storage configurations as needed to keep on top of the evolving demands of the storage application, without sacrificing existing data. Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) allows administrators to add new drives to existing arrays in order to expand available capacity. Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM) allows administrators to convert one RAID level to another in order to tune storage configurations for maximum performance or data security. Arrays created with RocketRAID800 adapters are future proof, Online RAID Roaming allows customers to move existing RAID arrays to other 800series RAID controllers, in addition to all future HighPoint RAID products.

Customized Solution Services for Customers

HighPoint offers a range of Customized Solution services for SMB Customers. We can tailor RocketRAID 800 series adapters to meet the requirements of client defined storage applications across Linux, Windows and macOS platforms, and are ready to assist Solution Providers with unique product branding. A full API library is available for integration projects and we offer a variety of Enclosure Management services including SGPIO and I2C.


OEM Series

No. of Channels

8x SATA 6Gb/s

16x SATA 6Gb/s

32x SATA 6Gb/s

48x SATA 6Gb/s



2x Int. Mini-SAS HD

RocketRAID 820A

2x Ext. Mini-SAS HD

RocketRAID 822A

4x Ext. Mini-SAS HD

RocketRAID 844A

8x Int. Mini-SAS HD

12x Int. Mini-SAS HD

RocketRAID 880A

RocketRAID 880F

48x SATA 6Gb/s

20x Int. Mini-SAS HD

RocketRAID 800P

OEM Series RocketRAID 3700 Host Bus Adapters are available direct from HighPoint for customized storage projects, products or solutions. For more information, please contact our Sales Department at

OEM Series offer a Wide Selection of Drive Connectivity Solutions

With up to twelve Mini-SAS HD ports and 48 6Gb/s SATA channels, and powered by HighPoint’s industry proven RAID technology and the superior transfer bandwidth provided by PCIe 3.0, RocketRAID 800 adapters are an ideal connectivity platform for affordable, high-performance, direct attached mass storage applications.

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