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NVMe AIC SSDs for Dell & HP Platforms

NVMe media is exponentially faster than conventional SAS/SATA storage. Not only is the transfer throughput many times higher, the direct path to the system CPU and incredible IOPS capability significantly lowers latency while minimizing response time; essential attributes for data-rich, performance-hungry workflows associated with media post production and content creation, scientific applications, and AI, ML and virtualization technology. HighPoint’s RocketAIC series NVMe AIC SSD were designed push the boundaries of NVMe storage, and enable customers to take full advantage of all the technology has to offer. We deliver the densest single drive storage solutions in today’s marketplace. Customers can easily integrate up to 60TB of enterprise-grade NVMe storage via a compact GPU -sized PCIe add-in-card that can be easily integrated into a wide range of factory-built systems manufactured by Dell and HP.

RocketAIC drives represent the ideal NVMe storage aggregate; maximum transfer throughput and capacity packaged into a robust, ultra-compact, easy to install PCIe device. Each AIC drive leverages up to 8 top-shelf NVMe SSDs from today’s leading storage media manufactures, preconfigured and optimized to deliver class-leading capacity, performance and reliability.

Class-Leading NVMe AIC SSD Solutions for Dell & HP Platforms

Decades-long technology partnerships with leading storage media manufactures has enabled us to select the best-in-class NVMe media in today’s marketplace for integration with our proven PCIe NVMe AICs into a new series NVMe AIC SSD.

Dell Precison 7960 and an HP Z workstation.png

Built for Dell Precision & PowerEdge platforms, and HP Proliant servers & Z series workstations.

Extensive research has been conducted to evaluate the compatibility, ease of integration, and performance/capacity capabilities of our RocketAIC drives with these computing systems.

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a technician doing work on a workstation with the RA7540HW.png

Ongoing series of compatibility and installation guides for supported platforms

Includes in-depth analysis of the PCIe slot/Riser architecture to help identify the performance and capacity potential of each recommened Ultra-Dense and Ultra-Speed series RocketAIC drive.

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Choosing the right RocketAIC Drive for your Dell or HP Platform

While it is true that HP and Dell offer their own selection of storage drives and accessories, such options are costly, often employ previous generation technology, and may force customers to sacrifice capacity, flexibility and performance for convenience. HighPoint recognizes that there isn’t a simple one size fits all solution when it comes to storage. In short, the RocketAICs are PCIe 4.0 x16 NVMe Add-in-Cards that are designed to provide the best uncompromised storage capacity and performance robust, compact and cost-effective form factor. These AICs arrive fully complete with industry leading drives, each pre-configured to deliver optimal transfer speed and reliability.

Dell 7960(3).gif

It’s worth noting that while this series is new, it is by no means, unfamiliar territory for HighPoint. In fact, the RocketAIC can be seen as a combination of our field proven NVMe AICs with the latest class leading drives, in order to provide the best solution possible.

Unlike most accessories or upgrades provided by Dell and HP, RocketAIC drives are available in variety form-factors, capacities and performance levels. We understand that one-size does not fit all, and seek to provide customers as many options as possible for their selected platform. RocketAIC drives are organized into two distinct product lines; Ultra-Speed and Ultra-Dense Series AIC drives:

Ultra-Speed drives deliver unbeatable storage performance and reliability right out of the box! The Ultra-Speed series come equipped with Samsung’s proven 990 Pro SSDs and are available with up 32TB of storage capacity.  


Ultra Dense drives are the industry’s first enterprise grade E1.s PCIe storage drive solutions. Designed to provide high density storage with enterprise-grade reliability, Ultra-Dense series RocketAICs drives are equipped with up to eight Kioxia XD7P E1.S NVMe SSDs, and are capable of delivering an astonishing 61TB of storage capacity! 


Navigating the marketplace in an attempt to discover the ideal storage solution for your chosen platform and target application often presents a formidable challenge. Most crucially of all, is the following question: Which category is best suited for my application? In order to come to a conclusion, multiple different factors must be considered. As this list can be quite expansive, a selection of main factors to help decide will be listed below.

Application Requirement: This is the most important factor to identify; the core requirements of your project. Consider the type of application you’ll be running, it’s expected workload, the total scale of storage, and the required transfer performance.

Performance Requirements.png

Performance Requirements: The type and level of performance required can dictate which solution you should consider. HighPoint’s Ultra-Dense series utilize enterprise grade E1.s NVMe SSDs, making them ideal for projects that require massive storage capacity and high-levels of sustained transfer performance. On the other hand, HighPoint’s Ultra-Speed utilize premium client-grade M.2 drives, making them ideal for projects with smaller workloads or applications that require high levels of random performance (both read and write).

Project Capacity & Scalability.png

Project Capacity and Scalability: Determine the total capacity required by your project. Currently, a single Ultra-Speed drive can deliver up to 32TB of storage. On the other hand, our Ultra-Dense drives can provide up to 61TB via single add-in-card.

Reliability & Endurance.png

Reliability and Endurance: Consider the reliability and endurance required for your project. HighPoint’s Ultra-Dense series leverage enterprise grade NVMe SSDs, equipped with advanced features like power-loss-protection (PLP) and high-endurance DWPD ratings.

Physical Space & Form-Factor.png

Physical Space and Form Factor: It is important to know whether the RocketAIC solution you plan on using will be able to physically fit into your chosen platform. RocketAIC Ultra-Speed drives require x16 slots capable of supporting Full-Height and 3/4th or Full-Length, Single-Width cards. RocketAIC Ultra Dense drives require x16 slots capable of supporting Full-Height and Full-Length, Double-Width cards.


By using these factors as a guide, one should be able to narrow down and identify the RocketAIC solution that best suits their project. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us at; a member of our knowledgeable product team will help you with any concerns you may have.

Dedicated Compatibility and Support Resources

Another major hurdle in selecting a storage solution is that of platform compatibility. Is the solution you are looking at going to work with your chosen platform? While it is true that factory-built systems typically have a series of technical guides available for viewing, often times these reports can be difficult to decipher. In many cases, customers are forced to sort through various reports of differing formats, some of which may contain conflicting or outdated information, or find that information that was once located in specific sections has been moved to another document, or removed entirely.


To help users save time, HighPoint has conducted intensive research to identify compatible platforms, analyze their capabilities, and provide a list of recommended RocketAIC drives. All reports follow the same easy to read format and will be continuously updated to ensure the latest information is always readily available. In addition, HighPoint’s engineering team has extensive experience with Dell and HP servers and workstations, encompassing the integration of existing HighPoint solutions as well as the development and maintenance of our driver and software solutions for these platforms. It is due to all of these factors that the RocketAIC can claim seamless compatibility with HP Z and ProLiant Workstations and Servers, as well as with Dell’s Precision and PowerEdge platforms.

RocketAIC Product Family

Ultra-Dense Series

RocketAIC 7749E 61TB

RocketAIC 7749E series

Performance: Up to 27GB/s

Capacity: Up to 61.44TB

Ultra-Speed Series

RocketAIC 7749E 61TB

RocketAIC 7749M series

Performance: Up to 27GB/s

Capacity: Up to 32TB


RocketAIC 7540H series

Performance: Up to 27GB/s

Capacity: Up to 32TB


RocketAIC 7505H series

Performance: Up to 27GB/s

Capacity: Up to 16TB

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