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Uncompromised NVMe AIC Host Bus Adapters

HighPoint’s Rocket series AICs are the industry’s fastest NVMe adapter cards, and represent the most efficient way to add maximized PCIe Gen4 / Gen3 storage performance to any modern computing platform. Rocket 1000 series AICs incorporate state-of-the-art PCIe switch technology to deliver class leading performance and reliability, and can be easily integrated into any x86 AMD and Intel platform with a free PCIe x16 slot.

Rocket series NVMe AICs were designed to address the needs of solution providers and system integrators that cater to vertical marketplaces for business and industrial applications. Rocket 1000 series AICs are ideal for workflows that employ SDS (Software Defined Storage) suites, or rely on the operating system’s native storage management interface. Such environments require a robust, uncompromised hardware connectivity solution to optimize storage performance.

A wide selection of PCIe Gen4 and 3 AICs are available with 4 and 8 dedicated device channels for M.2 and U.2/U.3 form factors, and are capable of supporting as much as 30TB per port; imagine 240TB of storage form a single add in card! Rocket 1000 series AICs can be installed and used right out of the box, and can be easily integrated into just about any modern computing environment.

Broadcom Inside!

NVMe Board Architecture GUARANTEES Maximum Bus Bandwidth FOR EACH Device Port

HighPoint NVMe AICs benefit from decades of engineering and design expertise, and employ Broadcom’s industry leading PCIe Switching and SerDes technology to optimize signal integrity, minimize latency and deliver uncompromised transfer performance.


Unlike the vast majority of competing solutions, Rocket Series NVMe AICs fully leverage the capabilities of each PCIe Switch Chipset;


PEX88048 (48 Lanes) PCIe Gen4: Rocket 1500 series PCIe Gen4 AICs

PEX8749 (48 Lanes) PCIe Gen3: 8-Channel Rocket 1000 series PCIe Gen3 AICs

PEX8747 (48 Lanes) PCIe Gen3: 2 & 4-channel Rocket 1000 series PCIe Gen3 AICs


These ICs provide and abundance of electrical lanes: 48 for both Gen4 and 3 Gen3 applications. This ensures bandwidth is never wasted; x4 lanes are always on tap for each device port. The highly flexible, performance-focused hardware architecture is unique to our NVMe solutions, and guarantees that maximum bandwidth is available to each SSD at all times. PCIe Gen4 Rocket 1500 series AIC’s can deliver up to 28GB/s of transfer speed - the maximum throughput possible from a single card solution!


Industry’s Most Effective NVMe Cooling Systems

NVMe storage solutions can generate a considerable amount of waste heat under load, especially those that employ high-density dual-sided NAND. In an effort to protect this sensitive hardware, most SSDs will limit throughput when a temperature threshold has been crossed; a technique known as ”thermal throttling”. While thermal throttling is an ideal failsafe, it can severely bottleneck transfer performance. Effectively combating the threat of thermal throttling is key to optimizing transfer performance for any NVMe storage configuration.

To put it plainly, heat is the enemy. In order to optimize NVMe storage performance, you will need to keep temperatures in check. HighPoint NVMe AICs pull no punches when it comes to battling waste heat. Rocket series NVMe connectivity AICs were designed to combat the threat of thermal throttling and excel in high-stress computing environments. Our NVMe AIC products are equipped with one of three specialized cooling solutions.


NVMe Cooling Solutions

Silent Running: This passive, completely silent cooling system is ideal for professional media workflows that demand a quiet, controlled work environment. This system combines a full-length anodized aluminum heatsink with high-efficiency thermal padding.

Low-Noise Active Cooling Solution: Employed by the majority of our PCIe Gen3 AICs, it ensures each hosted SSD consistently operates within the manufacturer’s recommended temperature thresholds, and is comprised of a full-length anodized heat sink, thermal padding and robust, low-noise cooling fans.

Hyper-Cooling Solution: Designed for PCIe Gen4 M.2 media, this system leverages an anodized aluminum heatsink with one or more low-decibel cooling fans and high-efficiency thermal padding. It was designed to rapidly transfers waste heat away from sensitive hardware and ensure M.2 SSDs perform optimally, even under maximum load.

Learn More about HighPoint’s Innovative NVMe Cooling Systems


Ideal NVMe Solution for Software Defined Storage Applications

Rocket series NVMe AICs are capable of maximizing x16 lanes of PCIe Gen4 or 3 transfer bandwidth and allocate x4 dedicated lanes to each NVMe SSD; ideal for workflows that employ Software Defined Storage suites including VMware solutions, CEPH, Microsoft S2D, and other common SDS platforms. These environments require robust, uncompromised hardware connectivity to optimize storage performance for Hyperscale servers and workstations.

Rocket 1000 series AIC HBAs are natively supported hardware solutions; any hosted SSD will be automatically recognized as an independent, stand-alone drive, which can be easily partitioned and formatted using the platform’s SDS suite or default OS toolset.


Natively Supported by all Major Operating system platforms

Rocket series NVMe AICs are natively supported by all major operating systems including Windows 11 and Server 2022, VMware ESXi, macOS, and popular Linux distributions such as RHEL and Ubuntu, and FreeBSD/FreeNAS platforms. The cards can be installed and used right out of the box, and require no additional device drivers or a dedicated software application.


M. 2 HBA Series

U. 2 HBA Series

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