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The Technology Partnership Program was designed for Businesses and Organizations that are interested in integrating HighPoint solutions into a product line or a customer project.

Developing a new product or solution from the ground up can be challenging, resource intensive project for any business. HighPoint can help streamline the entire process – from your initial concept to final mass production.


For over 25 years, we’ve assisted clients design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge RAID storage and connectivity solutions for all major hardware and software platforms. Dedicated hardware and software engineering teams are ready to assist Technology Partners integrate existing HighPoint product lines into client-defined computing environments. And importantly, HighPoint won’t turn off the tap once the product ships. Our expert producion specialists can help you refine your branding strategies, optimize your support and service workflows, organize upgrade paths, and prepare your EOL policies. HighPoint is with you for the long haul.

We offer the following services to Certified Technology Partners:

HighPoint RAID Solutions

Our industry proven RAID IP is unique to HighPoint product lines and functions independent of the host operating system and hardware platform. HighPoint RAID technology can be integrated into a wide range of electronic board, adapter and enclosure solutions. Products powered by our RAID stack are capable of supporting one or more RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 or 50 arrays, alongside single disk or JBOD (span) configurations, and are fully roam-capable; arrays can be moved from one device to another within the same interface class, and remain intact and accessible.

Comprehensive Driver/Software Support

HighPoint product lines are fully compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. We actively maintain device drivers for all modern operating systems, and can develop unique versions for special projects or unique platforms, such as a specific Linux kernel or distribution. Complete API packages are available for our GUI and CLI management suites, which enable Technology Partners customize the UI and inject unique product branding.

Compatibility Consultation - HighPoint offers a wide range of compatibility and performance testing services for our Technology Partners.

Partners can contact their designated Representative and submit requests for a compatibility test or performance benchmark between HighPoint products and a specific motherboard computing platform or storage device. Our FAE team will document the testing workflow, provide step-by-step procedures, and compose detailed reports for each request. 

Product Roadmap Updates

HighPoint will periodically publish exclusive product roadmaps and release schedules to keep Certified Partners abreast of our evolving product lines, emerging storage technology, availability and industry trends.

Live Product Planning/R&D Sessions

Want to add a new feature to an existing device or propose a new solution or management service? HighPoint Certified Technology Partners will have the opportunity to participate in live Product Planning and R&D presentations for existing and future product lines. 

New Driver/Feature Notification - HighPoint works to ensure our Certified Partners are always in the know. Partners will be notified whenever driver, firmware and management suite updates are available, or a new feature or platform support is ready for release. Notification is tailored for each partner; we won’t flood your inbox with useless info. You will only receive updates that correspond directly with your target project or solution.

Product Life-Cycle Management - Decades of experience as an independent manufacturer enable us to guide Technology Partners through each stage of production, from the initial launch through EOL (end of life) planning. Managing the life cycle is a crucial aspect of any long-term business strategy, as it enables a solution provider to maintain a robust customer base by keeping clients informed about changes in production schedules, product availability, and clear upgrade paths.

Dedicated Contact Windows

Certified Partners benefit from direct support, engineering and sales contact windows. A HighPoint representative will be assigned to your account, and can be reached via phone, email or Skype.

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