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Need a fast, reliable and high-density storage upgrade for your Mac Pro?

HighPoint RocketAIC NVMe AIC SSDs maximize the density, reliability and performance capabilities of NVMe storage. Our compact, PCIe form-factor pre-configured NVMe storages drives are designed to enhance productivity and streamline your mission critical workflows.

Designed & Fully Tested for Mac Pro workstation

RocketAIC series NVMe AIC SSDs were designed for high-productivity Mac Pro workstations and grueling workflows that demand maximum uptime and transfer throughput to ensure projects stay on schedule without compromising quality.

The product line has been extensively tested with both 2023 and 2019 Mac Pro platforms to streamline the integration process and ensure full compatibility. We’ve evaluated the performance capabilities of each PCIe slot to identify which is the ideal match for each RocketAIC drive.

RocketAIC 7505H&7540H inside a Mac Pro 2023 Workstation

Ultra-Speed RAID SSDs

RocketAIC drives deliver unbeatable storage performance. Our RocketAIC solutions deliver up to 27GB/s of transfer performance. 

Mac Pro 2023 Workstation PCIe Slots Performance

RocketAIC 7540HM

Up to 32TB storage


Performance: 14GB/s

Performance: 27GB/s


RocketAIC 7505HM

Up to 16TB storage

Performance: 14GB/s

Performance: 27GB/s


Supercharge Your Applications!

RocketAIC Drives were designed to accommodate a wide-range of high-performance workflows, including Content-Creation / Media Post-Production platforms / AI & Scientific Applications / High-Speed data-ingestion / Media Capture solutions.

Media Post-Production platforms.png
AI & Scientific Applications.png
Media Capture solutions.png

Built for Demanding AI, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning Applications

AI servers are powerful computing platforms designed to host AI driven applications. Such applications require a tremendous volume of computational resources to perform optimally. As such, AI servers typically employ large banks of GPUs (graphic processing units) to process incoming data, such as video captured by AI and machine learning systems.

However, processing a particularly voluminous set of data or analyzing complex problem or object can potentially overwhelm available VRAM (video RAM), which would then slow the entire process to a crawl. To combat this risk, the majority of AI Servers utilize high-speed storage devices to supplement VRAM and mitigate the loss of performance.

RocketAIC expansion drives are designed to address the data-intensive, high-throughput, low-latency workflows associated with Machine Learning systems & AI applications.

Artificial intelligence server.png

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite

SSD Temperature Monitoring_Management Suite

RocketAIC Product Family

Ultra-Speed Series


RocketAIC 7540H series

Performance: Up to 27GB/s

Capacity: Up to 32TB


RocketAIC 7505H series

Performance: Up to 27GB/s

Capacity: Up to 16TB

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