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HighPoint provides a wide selection Mini-SAS cables designed for internal and external connectivity, and use with the RocketStor Series of SAS/SATA storage Enclosures and RocketRAID/Rocket HBA product lines.

These high-quality cables are fully compliant with all current technology standards and have been rigorously tested with our Mini-SAS Enclosure & HBA product lines for use with a wide range of SAS/SATA devices & peripherals to ensure maximum transfer performance, secure connectivity, and ease of integration.

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Versatile Connectivity

Versatile Connectivity

HighPoint Mini-SAS cables can accommodate a wide range of devices and applications, for internal and external configurations of SAS and SATA storage.

Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatibility

HighPoint Mini-SAS cables are capable of supporting both SAS and SATA devices, enclosures and storage units.

Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity

Mini-SAS cables with SFF-8087 and SFF-8088 connector types feature locking mechanisms to ensure a secure, stable connection from host to device, and are a common cabling solution for professional and enterprise grade storage applications.


1M External Mini-SAS to External Mini-SAS cable

Product Description:

1M SFF-8088 SAS to SFF-8088 SAS cable

HighPoint's EXT-MS-1MMS cable utilizes industry standard SFF-8088 connectors, and is used to connect Rocket / RocketRAID Series controllers to RocketStor 6414S and RocketStor 6418S tower enclosures.


Connector Type
SFF-8088 to SFF-8088
1M (3.3')
Data Transfer rate
6Gb/s per port


1M Internal Mini-SAS to 4x SATA