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HighPoint NVMe Switch & RAID AIC / Adapter Series

Deliver Gen5 x16 RAID Storage Performance From Desktop & Workstation to Cloud & Edge Servers

  • Dedicated Gen5 x16

  • Massive Storage Capacity

  • Low Latency

  • Reliable Connectivity

Up to 56GB/s

8x Gen4 or Gen5 Drives

2x Faster

Gen4 Speed

Up to 8x M.2

8x Drive Expansion

Up to 4x MCIO

32x Drive Expansion


Gen5 PCIe Switching Technology

HighPoint’s Rocket 7600 and Rocket 1600 Gen5 NVMe Switch & RAID AIC/Adapter series incorporates Broadcom’s state-of-the-art PCIe Switching technology to fully utilize x16 lanes of Gen5 host bandwidth, direct from the CPU. This unique architecture enables each AIC/Adapter to maximize transfer performance for up to 8 independent device channels, minimize latency, facilitate consistent, robust I/O throughput, and support as many as 32 NVMe devices via backplane connectivity.  

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More Gen5 Feature Solutions

Widest Port-Count & Drive Form Factor Support Up to 8x M.2 / 2.5" & EDSFF

8x M.2 2.5& EDSFF_v1.01_24_04_11.png

Delivers 56GB/s of Real-World Perfor-mance with Gen4 or Gen5 NVMe SSDs


Server Grade Quality & Aligned with Industry Specifications

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Proactive Gen5 Cooling Solutions

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Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Advanced Environmental Monitoring_v1.01_24_04_11.png

Inteligent Self-Diagnostic LEDs

Inteligent Self-Diagnostic LEDs_v1.01_24_04_11.png

Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capable

Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capable_v1.01_24_04_11.png
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Hardware Secure Boot


SafeStorage -  OPAL SED Solution

Applicable Industries