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HighPoint IC & IC Solutions Category

Versatile, High-Performance 12G SAS/6G SATA RAID Storage & Connectivity IC solutions

HighPoint offers a range of Marvell-based IC products designed for integration into custom built industrial Servers and storage appliances. Our IC product lines are backed by two decades of field-proven RAID technology and storage management IP, and nearly 30 years of SAS/SATA engineering expertise.

HighPoint’s IC kits enable system integrators and project customers to rapidly deploy unique solutions for 12G SAS or 6G SATA applications that require comprehensive RAID capability or mass storage connectivity, and are compatible with industry standard x86 Intel and AMD, based computing platforms. In addition,  HighPoint can provide comprehensive enginering and development services for special projects that have unique hardware and software requirements.

RAID IC Solution Series

RAID Series IC Kits incorporate HighPoint's industry proven SAS/SATA RAID technology, and are ideal for applications that require high-performance data throughput and redundant data protection. Comprehensive, RAID-capable device driver and software management packages are available for all major Linux, Windows and macOS platforms.

Connectivity IC Solution Series

Connectivity Series IC Kits enable solution providers to design and deploy robust, easily integrated SAS/SATA connectivity products for a wide range of customer applications. HighPoint can provide comprehensive device driver and software packages for modern operating system platforms including Microsoft Windows 11 and Server 2022, Apple macOS 13.x Ventura, and leading Linux Distributions such as RHEL, Ubuntu and Rocky Linux.

IC Series

HighPoint SAS/SATA ICs are also available as bulk IC products for both 16 and 8 channel applications, and were designed for system integrators with unique device driver or RAID IP.

HighPoint Design, Manufacturing & Development Services

HighPoint has dedicated engineering and support staff for our IC Solutions product lines.  We are ready to assist solution providers integrate HighPoint ICs into unique hardware and software solutions to meet the needs of customer-specific applications, workflows and computing platforms.

IC & IC Solutions Category


RAID Series: HPT M236 Product Series

HPT M236

12G SAS / 6G SATA Connectivity IC Kits

Connectivity Series: HPT M231 Product Series

HPT M231

12G SAS / 6G SATA Connectivity IC's

IC Series: HPT M230 Product Family

HPT M230
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