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NVMe RAID Solutions for Industrial IOT Applications

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Industrial IOT (Internet of Things) applications rely on a series of devices (aka “things”) that communicate to one another via an internet connection to accomplish a specific task or facilitate a chain of events. Industrial IOT applications often employ software-based AI (artificial intelligence) solutions to streamline application workflows.

Common examples of Industrial IOT applications include automated production processes, such as a robotic-based manufacturing system. Other examples include medical and diagnostic devices, advanced security systems (audio, visual, motion tracking), and “smart” home or office installations.

Unique Computing Environments call for Unique Storage Solutions

Industrial IOT applications, especially those that rely on AI, require substantial computing power to quickly and efficiently process vast and continuous streams of incoming data.

Interestingly enough, the AI Training and Machine Learning systems used to develop such AI, are themselves dependent on high-performance industrial computing and storage solutions.

The vast majority of these applications require compact computing platforms built to withstand the rigors of continuous, daily use; an ideal environment for an NVMe-based storage solution. M.2 media is particularly attractive due to the ultra-compact form factor, low-power requirements, lack of moving parts and massive performance capabilities. Unsurprisingly, Solution Providers catering to these markets have increasingly turned to NVMe-based storage controllers to satisfy the needs of industrial clients

Robust, Ultra-Compact, Plug & Play AIC RAID Drives for Industrial Computing Platforms

HighPoint’s FnL NVMe AIC RAID drives are ideal for high-performance industrial applications. The BRD series, in particular, were designed to excel in industrial computing environments.

The BRD6202P/PB’s half-height form factor is ideal compact computing environments, can deliver up to 8TB @ 8000MB/s of pre-configured RAID 0 or 1 storage, and is equally viable for applications that require boot or data-only storage.

In addition, the BRD6202’s, due to its IOP RAID engine, is natively supported by all current operating systems and Virtual Machine platforms - no driver or additional software is required. A BRD RAID volume will be automatically recognized by Windows 11, 10 or Server 2019, FreeBSD, and any Linux distribution running kernel v3.10 or later as a standard “drive”.

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