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Rocket Series 8x M.2 NVMe AICs Bring 128TB of Gen5 x16 Performance to HP Z6 G5 A Workstations!

High-performance desktop workstations like the HP Z6 G5 A platform do a lot. They handle AI-driven workflows, simulation, and HPC (high-performance computing). They're responsible for a wide range of professional media workflows, like 3-D rendering, animation, and post-production.

But these diverse applications share a common factor: they're data-intensive, and require lag-free transfer and immediate response time. The Rocket 1608A 8-Channel M.2 NVMe Switch AIC and Rocket 7608A M.2 NVMe RAID AIC take heavyweight workloads in stride.

Rocket-series devices like the 1608A and 7608A double the port count of HP's own NVMe AICs. They also leverage advanced engineering to make the most of x16 lanes of Gen5 host bandwidth. You gain optimal port capacity and performance potential, and none of it goes to waste.

Massive Storage Expansion Capacity

The Rocket 1608A and 7608A AICs work with nothing more than an x16-lane PCIe Gen5 slot. In other words, you could install four Gen5 AICs on your Z6 G5 and still have room for additional devices.

In storage terms, this means up to 128 TB of Gen 5 capacity with maxed-out 4 TB Gen5 M.2 SSDs. Switch to 8TB Gen4 M.2 media, and you're looking at an insane 256TB expansion!

High-Performance PCIe Gen5 Switch Architecture: Full Bandwidth, Maximum Performance

Under the hood, HighPoint’s High-Performance PCIe Gen5 Switch Architecture powers the Rocket 1608A and 7608A. Thanks to a Broadcom PEX89048 Switch IC and some precision engineering, these AICs can fully use all x16 lanes of available bandwidth. This is more than enough for up to 8 M.2 NVMe SSDs:

· x48 lanes of independent, self-managed Gen5 bandwidth per AIC: Deliver x16 lanes of dedicated upstream bandwidth (to the host) and x32 lanes downstream (to your SSDs).

· Maximum possible Gen5 transfer performance: Achieve more, faster with up to 64 GB/s of transfer bandwidth (56 GB of real-world transfer performance).

· Consistent, robust performance: HighPoint PCIe Switching Technology minimizes latency and optimizes signal integrity for dependable I/O throughput.

· Dedicated Gen5 cooling: Boost SSD endurance, reliability, and transfer rates with integrated cooling.

· Hardware Secure Boot: Protect your data and storage infrastructures. Secure boot support prevents unauthorized code execution at startup, reducing your threat exposure.

Get to Know HighPoint's 8-Channel Gen5 x4 M.2 NVMe AICs

HighPoint offers two distinct Gen5 solutions for M.2 media; The Rocket 1608A Switch AIC, and the Rocket 7608A RAID AIC.

Rocket 1608A Switch AIC

The Rocket 1608A leads the industry in 8x M.2 plug-and-play storage speed. Modern OSes with native NVMe driver support automatically recognize this AIC, making it perfect for Windows 11/Server 2022/Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, and all major Linux distributions.

The Rocket 1608A takes the hassle out of managing storage hardware. Any SSD you host with the AIC appears as an ordinary physical disk ready for immediate use.

Rocket 7608A RAID AIC

The Rocket 7608A RAID AIC reinforces the 1608A's strong foundation with HighPoint's proven RAID 0, 1, and 10 technology. It also adds the industry's most comprehensive storage monitoring and management suite. Maximize your NVMe media's performance, reliability, and security with:

· A Comprehensive storage health monitoring, management, and analysis suite enables administrators to easily configure and maintain NVMe storage with simple clicks and commands

· SafeStorage data encryption solution utilizes OPAL SSC TCG based NVMe Hardware Encryption to protect media assets by preventing access to stored data when physical disks are misplaced or stolen

· Advanced intelligent PCIe Gen5 Cooling Solution features a full-Length Aluminum Heatsink with copper SSD contacts and a powerful low-decibel cooling fan ensures M.2 media always operates at optimal temperature to maximize endurance and transfer speed.

Should You Choose a Rocket 1608A/7608A over HP's Turbo Drive Duo/Quad NVMe AIC?

The short answer? Yes.

HP's NVMe AIC accessories only supports up to 4 SSDs per SSD. At most, you get just half the storage capacity and performance potential of a compatible Rocket-series AIC.

Availability and Pricing

Look for HighPoint's PCIe Gen5 NVMe AICs in early May 2024. They'll be available worldwide from our e-store or Authorized Global Resale and Distribution Partners.

NVMe Switch Series

NVMe RAID Series

Optimized Storage Solutions

Your HP G5 Z6 workstation is pretty capable. But "capable" doesn't quite cut it for intensive workloads.

A high-performance professional media workstation deserves an optimized storage solution. HighPoint Gen5 NVMe AICs, armed with their innovative PCIe switching technology, can help you maximize the performance potential of your chosen platform.

Installing multiple Rocket 1608A Switch AICs or Rocket 7608A RAID AICs can net you as much as128 TB of storage capacity, with each card delivering up to56GB/s of real-world transfer speed.


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