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PCIe Gen5 NVMe RAID Series Proactive Environmental Solution

Keep NVMe Devices Running Strong with HighPoint’s Comprehensive Storage Health Monitoring, Management and Analysis suite

HighPoint’s comprehensive Storage Health Monitoring, Management and Analysis suite provides a variety of pro-active storage health and security features and real-time monitoring toolsets that enable administrators to keep close tabs all hosted NVMe media and make sure temperature, electrical characteristics and S.M.A.R.T. (self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology) attributes are inline with the manufactures recommended specifications . An intelligent, pro-active alert system, comprised of on-device LED indicators, an audible alarm and software-based event trackers and logging services can be configured to keep Administrators apprised of any environmental changes whether on site or in the field.

Left to its own devices, HighPoint PCIe Gen5 and Gen4 NVMe RAID AICs and Adapters will intelligently monitor each hosted SSD and RAID configuration to ensure everything is running smoothly. However, customers that want full manual control, or need to tune a storage configuration for a particular application or computing environment can install HighPoint’s NVMe Management Suite, which includes an arsenal of pro-active monitoring tools and features our Intelligent Throttling Alert System, and Active Sensor Tracking and Logging Services.

Active Sensor Tracking & Logging Services

HighPoint’s WebGUI now incorporates a real-time NVMe Sensor logging system which tracks and records the temperature, fan-speed and electrical characteristics of the adapter and each hosted SSD over time, and presents the data via a series of simple plotted curves and line charts. These records can be exported as needed, and can help administrators narrow the scope of troubleshooting tasks by identifying potential faults and at-risk storage media, and implement preventative measures to maximize the lifespan of the RAID array and maintain optimal performance.

Intelligent Throttling Alert System with Customizable Temperature Thresholds

SHI (storage health inspector) is a key feature of HighPoint NVMe solutions. The solution is integrated into the WebGUI and CLI (command line utility) interfaces and enables administrators to monitor the temperature of each NVMe device in real time.

Viewing the details for each SSD enables threshold configuration; temperatures can be adjusted to correspond with the manufacturer’s official specifications, and instructed to notify one or more administrators whenever a critical threshold is crossed.

The interface features full manual fan control for those that need to fine tune a configuration solution for a specific platform. Administrators can select from 5 settings including, an option to fully disable the fans; ideal for workflows that require a silent work environment.

Integrated LED Indication and Audible Alerts

Each Rocket Series Gen5 NVMe AIC and Adapter is equipped with a series of LED indicators that track the status and operating condition of hosted NVMe media and/or RAID configurations, the solution’s PCIe connectivity status, behavior/status of the PCIe IC.

The hardware sensors and indicators are designed to work in conjunction with a range of services and features associated with Highpoint’s Storage Health Monitoring, Management and Analysis suite.

LED indicators are built into the ventilated PCIe bracket, and use simple color-coding (Green =  Good, Yellow = Warning, Red = Error/Failure) and flash-patterns to signal a variety of status and operational data.

The audible alarm (aka “Warning “beeper” is mounted directly to the AIC/Adapter PCB. It is capable of notifying administrators when temperature thresholds are breached, RPM of cooling apparatus drops below recommended levels, or a device/RAID array has encountered an error or entered a failure state. Though enabled by default, the alarm can be disabled using the WebGUI or CLI for applications that require a silent working environment.

Multi-Tiered Notification Systems

HighPoint’s NVMe Management Suite continually operates in the background to keep tabs on NVMe storage assets. If anything should go awry, the Intelligent Throttling Alert System can notify administrators via an audible alarm, warning messages, an event log and Email notification system. These features can be configured independently to meet the requirements of platform and application.

Audible Error Alarm – the alarm will sound whenever a temperature threshold is exceeded, fan-speed drops to0 low, or any S.M.A.R.T. attribute triggers an error or warning. The alarm can be enabled or disabled at will using the WebGUI or CLI interfaces.

Event Log – The WebGUI and CLI will automatically log any administrator action, warning and alert issued by SHI or the host controller. The log can be easily exported as a text document for troubleshooting purposes.

Email Notification – Customers can instruct the WebGUI and CLI to compose and send Email Notification to one or more Administrators whenever a temperature threshold is crossed, and if any Alert or Warning is issued by SHI or the Host Controller.


In summary

In conclusion, HighPoint’s Storage Health Monitoring, Management and Analysis Suite is a robust, comprehensive toolset designed to optimize the performance, reliability and endurance of NVMe RAID storage for industrial, server and datacenter applications. The solution utilizes an array of hardware sensors to monitor and record the environmental conditions and operating status of hosted NVMe devices in real-time, and relay this data to the administrator via a series of simple LED indicators, audible alarms, and intuitive graphical interfaces. The suite can be custom-tailored to compliment service and maintenance workflows (both on-site and remote) for a wide range of hardware & software environments, via configurable temperature thresholds, manual fan speed settings, and programmable alert services such as event logging and email notification.


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