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HighPoint NVMe Switch Adapter Series
2nd Generation PCIe Gen4 NVMe Switch Adapter
  • Dedicated Gen4 x16
  • Massive Storage Capacity
Up to 28GB/s
8x Gen4 Drives
Up to 8x U.2/U.3
Via 4x SlimSAS Ports

Rocket 152x Series 2nd Generation PCIe Gen4 NVMe Switch AICs and Adapters deliver up to 32GB/s of transfer bandwidth and Adapters can be installed into any industry-standard x86 AMD and Intel Server or Workstation platform with a free PCIe 4.0 or 5.0 x16 slot, and will be automatically recognized by any modern OS platform with native NVMe driver support.


Integrated Suprise NVMe Add-and-Remove technology provides true Hot-Plug/Hot-Swap support, and enables administrators to install or unplug SSDs while the host platform remains active. The integrated OOB (out-of-band) Management capability can significantly streamline service and maintenance workflows.


The Robust, 2nd generation PCB design was engineered to maximize endurance and reliability and incoporates a selection of new features designed to Engineered to Enhance the Efficiency & Serviceability of Datacenter & Server Applications.

Key Features

  • 8-Dedicated PCIe 4.0 NVMe device channels

  • Directly Supports up to 8x NVMe SSDs

  • High-Performance 48-Lane PCIe Gen4 Switch Architecture: x16 lanes of dedicated upstream & x4 lanes of downstream bandwidth for each device channel

  • Delivers 32GB/s of Bandwidth & Real-world Sustained transfer speeds up to 28,000MB/s

  • Integrated NVMe Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capability

  • PCIe Gen4 Hyper-Cooling Solution

2nd Generation Feature Set

Delivers 28GB/s of Real-World Transfer Performance


Server Grade Quality & Aligned with Industry Specifications

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PCIe Gen4 Hyper-Cooling Solution

Cooling Solutions_v1.02_24_04_11.png

Inteligent Self-Diagnostic LEDs

Inteligent Self-Diagnostic LEDs_v1.01_24_04_11.png

Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capable

Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capable_v1.01_24_04_11.png

High-Performance PCIe Gen4 Switch Architecture

R1528D_performance architecture_v1.03_24_4_29.png

HighPoint's High-Performance PCIe Gen4 switching architecture integrates Broadcom’s 48-Channel PEX88048 switch IC to provide x16 lanes of dedicated PCIe Gen4 upstream bandwidth and x4 lanes of dedicated downstream bandwidth to each device channel. The innovative architecture enables the Rocket 152x Series AIC or Adapter to deliver up to 32GB/s of transfer bandwidth, minimize latency, and facilitate consistent, robust I/O throughput.

The Architecture employs a technique known as a “Synthetic Hierarchy” to isolate the host system’s OS from any PCIe topology changes. This enables the AIC or Adapter to directly manage resource allocation to the downstream PCIe channels by facilitating a more efficient interaction between the host CPU and PCIe switch.

Learn More about HighPoint PCIe Switch Technology

Robust, High-Density NVMe Storage Solution with Plug & Play Installation

Rocket 152X series AICs and Adapters are compatiblle with any modern operating system that has native NVMe driver support, and require no unique software or application to function or perform optimally. NVMe media hosted by Rocket 152x Switch AIC and Adapters will be automatically recognized by the OS or SDS (software defined storage) suite as oridnary physical drives, and can be immediately formatted and partitioned as needed.


These features make Rocket 152x AICs and Adapters ideal for professional server and workstation applications that require a flexible, robust and easily managed NVMe storage solution.


Engineered to Enhance the Efficiency & Serviceability of Datacenter & Server Applications

Rocket 152x series NVMe AICs and Adapters incorporate a wide range of features designed to enhance the efficiency of day-to-day operations of datacenter and Edge Server platforms. First and foremost, the adapter has been built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, and is fully compliant with PCIe Card Electromechanical (CEM) specifications. The AICs & Adapters are field replaceable units (FRU); the VPD (vital product data) stored on each product enables customers and service providers to easily procure replacements with the correct firmware/driver combination.

The integrated OOB (out-of-band) management capability is an essential component of professional server infrastructure. MBC & MCTP over PCIe enables an administrator to securely interface with the adapter without the need for internet access. The service is scalable and can be used to administrate multiple servers via Linux command prompts to manage storage in both Pre-OS and OS-level environments.

8x M.2 2.5& EDSFF_v1.01_24_04_30.png

Product Series

Rocket 1528D PCIe Gen4 x16 to 4-SlimSASx8 NVMe Switch Adapter

Bus Interface
PCIe 4.0 x16
Port Count
8x Device Channels
Connector Type
SlimSAS (SFF8654 8x)
SSD Form Factor
U.2, U.3
Cooling Solution
Advanced PCIe Gen4 Cooling Solution
External Power Support
Operating Voltage
PCIe: 12V, 3.3V
FRU Support
Hardware Secure Boot
OOB Management
Yes (BMC and MCTP over PCIe)
Synthetic Hierarchy
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