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Maximizing Server Efficiency and Elevating Storage Security with the HighPoint SSD7580x

HighPoint's PCIe Gen4 U.2/U.3 series NVMe RAID controllers set a new standard for compact, high-capacity storage solutions. SSD7580x series are ideal for professional applications that require a small-footprint, mass-storage solution that can be easily integrated into industry standard server and workstation platforms. The integrated performance-focused PCIe Switching architecture allocates x4 lanes of dedicated PCIe Gen4 bandwidth to each U.2/U.3 device channel to optimize transfer speeds; perfect for today’s most data-intensive workflows. The compact half-height form-factor, Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap capability, and four SFF-8654 ports provide customers with a great deal of flexibility; the AICs can accept cabling accessories of varying length, and can be easily integrated into any industry standard server or workstation platform with 2.5” drive bays, including custom-built industrial computers and ultra-compact 1U rackmount chassis. This design simplifies field upgrades and maintenance sessions and is ideal for workflows that employ removable drive trays for quick access to storage media.

True NVMe Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Support

Hot Plug and Hot-Swap is an essential component of any professional server and workstation environment. The ability to add, remove or replace storage media without powering down the host platform can drastically streamline field maintenance, as the host platform can remain fully operational during maintenance and upgrade sessions. Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap features enables administrators to safely remove SSDs at will, including entire RAID arrays, without interrupting critical workflow. Learn More


Versatile Cabling Solutions Support Industry Standard Backplane Connectivity for Mainstream Server and Workstation Platforms

HighPoint U.2/U.3 AICs are designed for use with a variety of industry standard backplanes and connectors. We offer a selection of PCIe Gen4 Certified cabling accessories capable of supporting a wide range of storage configurations, including Legacy SFF-8643, and SFF-8654, SFF-8611 OCuLink, and MCIO 8i backplane connectivity, which are based on the SFF-9402 pin definition. This enables SSD7580x series AICs to host any industry standard 2.5” U.2 or U.3 NVMe SSD via the appropriate cabling/backplane configuration.

SSD7580C_U.2 or U.3 NVMe SSD.png

HighPoint SafeStorage Encryption Solution

HighPoint SafeStorage is a unified NVMe Hardware Encryption Solution developed to accommodate both large-scale RAID arrays and individually configured SSDs, and can be scaled across multiple HighPoint PCIe AICs connected to the host platform.

Available for the SSD7580C AIC, SafeStorage was developed to work in conjunction with leading SED technology employed by a wide range of NVMe media, and is based on the OPAL SSC TCG specifications. It is designed to protect critical assets when physical drives are misplaced or stolen by preventing unauthorized access to stored data. RAID volumes are encrypted at the time of creation, and will automatically activate each disk member’s self-encryption capabilities. Learn More About HighPoint SafeStorage


Choose your NVMe RAID AIC

The following product table may help you determine which SSD7500 series AIC is best for your target application and computing environment The table provides key specifications for each product and provides links to additional information about specific AIC related attributes, including form factor and performance level.


Ports / Device Channels

OS Support



4x SFF-8654 / 8


0, 1, 10 & Single Disk

PCIe 4.0 x16

Windows & Linux



4x SFF-8654 / 8


0, 1, 10 & Single Disk

PCIe 4.0 x16

Windows & Linux



The following sections discuss how to determine the compatibility of your selected AIC with a variety of computing platforms and NVMe SSDs.

System Compatibility Guides

Comprehensive Compatibility & Installation Guidelines Available for PC Workstations & Server Platforms

HighPoint PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID AICs have been verified for compatibility with a wide range of computing platforms, including industry leading server and workstation product lines manufactured by Dell, HP and Supermicro. We routinely publish compatibility and installation guides on a platform-to-platform basis for each of our NVMe product families.

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Drive Compatibility Guides

PCIe Gen4 Series NVMe RAID AICs are capable of hosting Client, DC and Enterprise class NVMe storage media available. HighPoint maintains strong technology ecosystem partnerships with today’s leading NVMe SSD manufacturers to ensure maximum compatibility with all industry standard M.2, U.2, U.3 and E1.S SSDs in today’s marketplace. Learn More about HighPoint's Ecosystem Partners

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