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Rocket 7528D - 4-SlimSASx8 to PCIe Gen4 x16 HighPoint Field Proven RAID Storage Solution

Gen4 Speeds, RAID Technology, and Unrivaled Scalability!​

  • NVMe RAID Technology supports RAID 0, 1 & 10

  • Comprehensive Storage Health Monitoring, Management & Analysis Suite

  • Up to 8 drives

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Rocket 7528D

PCIe Gen4 x16 to 4-SlimSASx8 NVMe RAID Adapter

The Rocket 7528D 2nd Generation PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID Adapter was designed for professional applications that require uncompromised Storage Performance with the flexibility of proven RAID technology and the industry's most comprehensive storage health Monitoring & Management suite. It can directly support up to eight 2.5" U.2 or U.3 NVMe SSDs via four SlimSAS SFF-8654 Ports and cable-to-backplane connectivity.

Hosted media can be configured into as many as 4 separate RAID 0, 1 or 10 arrays, including bootable volumes or mixed configurations of single SSDs and arrays. In addition, RocketStor 7528D Adapters are Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap capable; administrators can easily add or remove RAID arrays and individual NVMe SSDs without rebooting the OS or powering down the host platform.

PCIe 5.0 Switch.png
PCIe 5.0 Switch.png
PCIe 5.0 Switch.png

Key Features

  • 8-Dedicated PCIe 4.0 device channels

  • Directly Supports up to 8x U.2/U.3 NVMe SSDs via 4x SlimSAS x8 (SFF-8654) Ports & industry standard backplane connectivity

  • High-Performance 48-Lane Gen4 Switch Architecture: x16 lanes of dedicated upstream & x4 lanes of downstream bandwidth for each device channel

  • Delivers 32GB/s of Bandwidth & Real-world Sustained transfer speeds up to 27,000MB/s

  • Integrated NVMe Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capability

  • PCIe Gen4 Hyper-Cooling Solution 

  • Comprehensive Storage Health Monitoring & Management Suite

  • Industry-proven NVMe RAID Technology supports up to four RAID 0, 1 or 10 configurations

  • Optional Boot-RAID Capability for Linux & Windows 

  • SafeStorage TCG SSD Solution

  • Hardware Secure Boot

High-Performance Gen4 Switching Architecture

48 Lanes of Dedicated PCIe Gen4 Bandwidth

HighPoint's High-Performance PCIe Gen4 switching architecture integrates Broadcom’s 48-Channel PEX88048 switch IC to provide x16 lanes of dedicated PCIe Gen5 upstream bandwidth and x4 lanes of dedicated downstream bandwidth to each device channel. The innovative architecture enables the Rocket 7528D to deliver up to 32GB/s of transfer bandwidth, minimize latency, and facilitate consistent, robust I/O throughput.

The Architecture employs a technique known as a “Synthetic Hierarchy” to isolate the host system’s OS from any PCIe topology changes. This enables the Rocket 7528D to directly manage resource allocation to the downstream PCIe channels and provide true Hot-Swap /Hot-Plug capability by facilitating a more efficient interaction between the host CPU and PCIe switch.

R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png

True NVMe Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capability

R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png

The Rocket 7528D provides true NVMe SSD Hot-Swap and Hot-Plug capability; an essential feature for any professional server and datacenter platform. Administrators can safely add or remove individual SSDs or RAID arrays without rebooting the OS or powering down the host system.

The Rocket 7528D utilizes Synthetic Hierarchy to isolate the host operating system from any PCIe topology changes (physical changes) and any events associated with the sudden addition or removal of an NVMe device.

The adapter accomplishes this by creating virtual “placeholders” to reserve dedicated resources for each of the eight NVMe downstream ports whenever the system is booted. This technique ensures these channels remain active at all times. Adding an SSD will temporarily replace the corresponding placeholder. Likewise, removing an SSD will reactivate the corresponding placeholder.

PCIe Gen4 Hyper-Cooling Solution

The Rocket 7528D's Low-Noise Hyper-Cooling solution combines the industry's most advanced PCIe Gen4 hardware cooling system with a suite of pro-active monitoring and management tools designed to keep temperatures in check under the most grueling working conditions.

R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png

The Rocket 7528D's passive, fan-less cooling system pairs copper piping with an aluminum heat exchanger for maximum thermal efficiency & durability. This Zero-Maintenance design is ideal Server & Data Center applications.

R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png

SHI (Storage Health Inspector): Administrators can instantly asses the operating status of hosted NVMe media via S.M.A.R.T. (self-monitoring and reporting technology), can customize temperature thresholds for each NVMe SSD, manually adjust fan speed to best accommodate the target application, and configure email notification services to monitor storage from afar.

Comprehensive Storage Health Monitoring, Management & Analysis Suite

The Rocket 7528D is equipped with HighPoint’s intuitive yet comprehensive monitoring, management and analysis suite, which enables administrators to easily configure and maintain the platform’s NVMe storage ecosystem with a few simple clicks and commands. SSDs and RAID 0, 1 and 10 arrays created and managed using these interfaces will be recognized as single, physical disks by the host platform, and can be used to install a bootable OS.

R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png
R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png

Intelligent Self-Diagnostic LEDs

HighPoint PCIe Gen5 AICs and Adapters feature Built-In Early Warning LED Indicators. Simple color coding and flash-patterns enable administrators to instantly asses the operational status and condition of hosted SSDs and RAID arrays, the strength of the PCIe connection, and temperature of the PCIe switch hardware.

OOB Management

The Rocket 7528D provides OOB (out-of-band) management capability; an essential component of datacenter server infrastructure. BMC and MCTP over PCIe enables administrators and service technicians to securely interface with the NVMe AIC without the need for internet access. The service is scalable and can be used to administrate multiple servers via Linux command prompts to manage storage in both Pre-OS and OS-level environments.

R7628A_performance architecture_v1.02_24_4_17.png


Product Model

Rocket 7528D (R7528D)

Product Name

Rocket 7528D PCIe Gen4 x16 to 4-SlimSASx8 NVMe RAID Adapter

Product Category

PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID AIC/Adapter

Hardware Features

Bus Interface

PCIe 4.0 x16

Number of Channel / Port

8x Device Channels / 4x SlimSAS Ports (Dedicated PCIe 4.0 x8 per port)

Connector Type

SlimSAS (SFF8654 8x)

Connector Pinout Definition

SFF-9402 Compliant

Number of devices


Data Port Reconfiguration (Downstream Configuration: 1x16 /2x8 /4x4 /8x2 /16x1 )


SSD Form Factor

U.2, U.3

External Power Support


SRIS and REFCLK Support

TBA; please contact Sales for more information

Downstream port containment


Read tracking


Synthetic Hierarchy


LED Indication

Intelligent, Self-Diagnostic LEDs

Audible Alarm


Power Measurement

Real Time Power Measurement

FRU Support


SSD Hot-Plug/Hot-Swap Support


OOB Management

Yes (BMC and MCTP over PCIe)

Storage Security Suite

SED Support

SafeStorage OPAL SED Solution (Windows & Linux)

Hardware Secure Boot


Backplane Features

UBM Support


VPP Support


Mechanical Specifications

Form Factor


Card Dimensions

155mm x 68.9mm

Card Weight

0.75 lbs.

PCIe Bracket

Full-Height and Low-Profile Ventilated Brackets

Cooling Solution

Intelligent, Pro-Active PCIe Gen4 Cooling Solution
• Full-Length Aluminum Heatsink (Passive) • Copper piping • Compliant with PCIe Specifications

Toolless SSD mounting system


Supported Systems


Only Supports 64-bit operating systems; Windows 11, 10 / Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016 / Microsoft Hyper-V; RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Proxmox & Rocky Linux (Linux kernel 3.10 and later)

Secure Boot

Yes (Windows Only)

NVMe Configuration

RAID Support

Single, RAID 0, 1, 10


Single, RAID 0, 1, 10

Storage Mode - NVMe





NVMe RAID Management

Management Suites

WebGUI (Browser-Based management tool), CLI (Command Line Interface - scriptable configuration tool), API package, UEFI HII

SMTP Email Alert Notification


Alarm Buzzer


Storage Health Inspector


NVMe SMART status


Automatic and configurable RAID Rebuilding Priority


Auto resume incomplete rebuilding after power on or reboot system


Single-RAID or Multi-RAID Arrays per Controller


Cross-Sync RAID Solution Across Controllers


Advanced RAID features

Online Array Roaming


RAID Quick Initialization for fast array setup


Global Hot Spare Disk support


Operating Environment

Working Temp.

'+5°C ~ + 55°C

Storage Temp.

'-20°C ~ +80°C

Operating Voltage

PCIe: 12V, 3.3V



MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)

> 5,000,000 hours at 40° C

Kit Contents

Kit Contents

R7528D NVMe RAID Adapter
Low-Profile Ventilated Bracket

Optional Accessories





Product Specifications