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PCIe 4.0 x16 8-Port U.2 NVMe RAID HBA


The SSD7580C is the latest member of our PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID AIC product family, and a superset of the 7580 series of high-density U.2/U.3 host controllers.

The SSD7580C’s 8 independent device channels are backed by a dedicated PCIe 4.0 x16 host interface, industry leading PCIe switch technology, and our field-proven NVMe RAID stack, and are capable of supporting over 200TB of hot-swappable U.2/U.3 NVMe storage while delivering 28,000MB/s of sustained transfer throughput. The AIC’s compact, half-height (low-profile) form factor can be easily installed into nearly any industry standard PC-based server, workstation and rackmount platform running a Linux or Windows based operating system.

The SSD7580C’s integrated Hot-Plug/Hot-Swap capability streamlines field service, maintenance and upgrade workflows. Administrators can add or remove individual NVMe SSDs, or even an entire RAID array without having to power down the host platform or reboot the operating system. An extensive range of Cabling Options are available for industry standard rackmount and mobile rack chassis via SFF-8654, SFF-8643, SFF-8611 OCuLink and MCIO 8i connectivity.

SSD7580C AICs provide a high-level of data security for critical applications designed to work with SEDs (self-encrypting disks) that adhere to OPAL SSC TCG specifications. The AIC is the first to employ HighPoint’s SafeStorage Hardware Encryption solution, which is ideal for workflows that employ Hot-Swap technology. Customers can rest assured that their data assets will be automatically locked-down anytime a drive is physically removed from the host platform.