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HighPoint’s SSD7749E PCIe 4.0 x16 8-Channel E1.S NVMe RAID controller was designed for Industrial and Edge Server applications that demand a compact, easily integrated high-density RAID storage solution with blistering PCIe Gen4 x16 performance and enterprise class 24/7 reliability.

The SSD7749E is a simple, cost-efficient PCIe Gen4 RAID storage upgrade solution for Intel and AMD x86, and ARM server platforms. The controller can directly host up to eight 9.5mm E1.S SSDs at speeds up to 28,000MB/s, yet is no larger than a modern dual-width PCIe graphics adapter, and can be easily integrated into systems with a free PCIe 4.0 x16 slot.

However, HighPoint understands that a one-size-fits-all storage solution isn’t a perfect fit for many industrial servers, which may require a customized storage controller board designed to comply with a specialized chassis. To address these concerns, we offer design and engineering services for integration specialists looking to incorporate our E1.S NVMe RAID technology into a unique electronic board or storage appliance.

Product Information

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Performance Matters!

Is Maximum Throughput Your Ultimate Goal?

HighPoint’s SSD7749E is Engineered to Unveil the True Performance Potential of Gen 4 NVMe Storge

The SSD7749E represents the epitome of PCIe Gen4 Storage Technology. Armed with HighPoint’s advanced NVMe RAID engine and NVMe Hardware Architecture, the SSD7749E is capable of supporting RAID 0, 1, 10 arrays and single-drives, including mixed configurations of single-disks and arrays, multiple arrays, multiple bootable volumes, and boot + storage configurations at speeds up to 28GB/s!

Up to x4 Dedicated PCIe Gen4 Lanes per E1.S Slot: State of the art PCIe switch technology enables the controller to dynamically allocate up to x4 lanes of PCIe 4.0 transfer bandwidth to each E1.S SSD.

Up to x4 Dedicated PCIe Gen4 Lanes per E1.S Slot__.png

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Multi-Core CPU___.jpg
Multi-Core CPU___.jpg

Multi-CPU/Core Performance Optimizer: The vast majority of Edge and Industrial Computing platforms utilize multi-core/Multi-CPU motherboards. While resources are readily available, they may not be properly allocated to the target application and NVMe media. HighPoint's HPT-Optimize utility Simplifies the Complicated Tuning Process for all Multi-Core platforms:

  • Smartly Allocates System Resources to ensure the target App utilizes the full potential of NVMe Storage Performance

  • Intuitively Maps the most Efficient I/O processing route

  • Reduced Job Processing Latency

  • Manageable Consumption levels of processing Resources

Cross-Sync RAID Technology: The SSD7749E enables administrators to optimize RAID performance by scaling available bus bandwidth up to 32 lanes, and deliver up to 55,000MB/s of transfer performance.

SSD7749E Heatsink_T.png
SSD7749E Heatsink_T.png

Advanced Cooling Solution Designed to Prevent Performance Throttling

Configurable Temperature Thresholds & 24/7 Monitoring with Email notification & Event Logging

Directly monitor drive temperature and set thresholds using HighPoints Storage Health Inspector (SHI) Page

Configurable Temperature Thresholds & 24 7 Monitoring with Email notification & Event Logg
Configurable Temperature Thresholds & 24 7 Monitoring with Email notification & Event Logg

PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs generate a considerable amount of waste heat under load, especially when compared to PCIe 3.0 media. This is why many E1.S SSDs are available with optional heat sinks. In addition, many Gen4 NVMe SSDs will limit throughput when faced with the threat of overheating; a technique known as ”thermal throttling”.

The SSD7749E was designed to actively combat the risk of thermal throttling and ensure E1.S media is always operating at peak performance. The unique controller architecture incorporates an advanced cooling system which combines a full-length anodized aluminum casing and integrated heat sinks with a pair of ultra-durable, low-decibel. This compact, efficient solution fully encases and insulates the E1.S media, and rapidly transfers waste heat away from critical SSD and controller componentry without injecting excessive noise into the work environment. The SSD7749E’s cooling system was designed to work in conjunction with HighPoint’s SHI (Storage Health Inspector) management interface, which allows administrators to instantly check the operating status and temperature of NVMe media in real-time via S.M.A.R.T. technology.

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Revolutionary Board Design & Toolless Loading System

The SSD7749E represents the next generation of compact RAID solutions. The revolutionary controller architecture and case design features a unique loading system designed to simplify installation, upgrade and maintenance procedures. Administrators will no longer need to remove the PCIe device from the host system in order to access the storage media; the dual-fan cooling system features a unique latch-lock mechanism that enables the module to swing up and away from the PCB to reveal the SSD slots.

Each SSD7749E houses up to eight 9.5MM or four 15MM E1.S SSDs. Each SDS slot features a quick-release latch which enables administrators to quickly install or remove the SSDs without the need for hand tools or fasteners. 

Revolutionary Board Design & Toolless Loading System.png

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SSD7749E hardware install video

Universal Software Suite Easily Manages & Monitors RAID Storage


SSD7749E controller includes a comprehensive suite of pre-OS and OS-Level RAID Management and Storage Health monitoring tools designed to streamline installation, service and upgrade workflows.

Pre-OS Level Mangement: The UEFI Tool is a command line utility designed for use at the pre-OS level to configure arrays prior to OS installation. 

BIOS Level Management: The UEFI HII utility will add HighPoint RAID creation menus to the motherboard’s BIOS interface for systems that support third-party HII capable devices.

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OS-Level Mangement: The WebGUI is an intuitive graphical user interface designed to work with all modern Web Browsers. It is equipped with Wizard-like quick configuration menus as well as a suite of advanced tools for expert administrators.

The HighPoint CLI (Command Line Interface) is ideal for seasoned administrators and platforms that do not utilize graphical operating systems.

Comprehensive NVMe RAID Monitoring & Management Suite__.png