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RocketAIC 6204A Series

PCIe Gen 3 x8 Bootable NVMe RAID Expansion Drive - 8TB of Storage Capacity - Up to 7GB/s of Transfer performance!

RocketAIC 6204A front

The RocketAIC 6204AW is a compact, high-density, bootable PCIe expansion storage drive for PC platforms. Equipped with four of Samsung’s 980 PRO series NVMe SSDs, RocketAIC 6204AW drives provide 8TB of bootable, pre-configured storage. The drive can be easily integrated into industry leading Dell and HP servers and workstations with a free PCIe 3.0/4.0/5.0 x8 slot capable of hosting a full-height, 8-inch length PCIe AIC.

Ideal for Virtualization Platforms

RocketAIC 6200A series drives are ideal for Virtualization platforms and workflows that rely on VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), as they deliver exceptional performance, are capable of simultaneously hosting the virtualization OS and multiple virtual machines, and are natively supported by major operating system platforms including ESXi, Windows and Hyper-V, Linux Distributions, Proxmox.

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Equipped with Samsung’s Class-Leading 980PRO M.2 SSDs

RocketAIC 6204AW NVMe series expansion drives are powered by our industry leading NVMe hardware architecture and Samsung’s proven 980 PRO series M.2 SSDs, which deliver client class -leading I/O performance and reliability.

Up to 7000MBs Read Speeds and 6000MBs Write Speeds_RocketAIC 6204A

RocketAIC 6204AW NVMe expansion drives were designed to maximize PCIe Gen3 storage performance and reliability for professional workflows, and are available with up to 8TB of capacity.

Workstation setup behind the RocketAIC 6204A

Your Choice: Maximum Transfer Speed & Capacity, Maximum Data Security, or the Best of Worlds!

RocketAIC NVMe Drives are capable of supporting bootable and data-only storage configurations, and were designed to accommodate a wide-range of high-performance workflows, including AI learning and AV systems, content creation and post-production platforms, and high-speed data ingestion and media capture solutions.

RocketAIC drives are shipped pre-configured to maximize performance and capacity, but can be easily reconfigured using our quick and intuitive management suite.

Striping - This mode delivers Maximum Performance and capacity by linking multiple NVMe SSDs together to act as a single storage unit.

Mirroring - This mode creates a hidden duplicate of the target SSD, and is ideal for applications that require an extra layer of data security, including bootable volumes.

Security & Speed –This mode offers the best of both worlds. Two mirrored arrays are striped together to maximize performance with a layer of data redundancy.

RocketAIC 6204A Striping Maximize Transfer Speed &Capacity
PCIe Gen3 Hyper Cooling Solution_RocketAIC 6204A

Passive, Silent NVMe Cooling Solution

The RocketAIC 6204AW’s passive, completely silent cooling system is ideal for professional workflows that demand a quiet, controlled work environment. This system combines a full-length anodized aluminum heatsink with high-efficiency thermal padding designed to rapidly whisk waste heat away from critical componentry and the hosted 980 PRO SSDs, and ensure the drive operates at peak performance under the most demanding workloads.

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite

Though RocketAIC series drives are designed to work right out of the box, customers are free to install HighPoint’s intuitive WebGUI management software, which includes our SHI solution, and provides simple and quick real-time temperature monitoring and endurance tracking. Quick, and easily mastered, the WebGUI works with all modern web browsers and can be used to manage, configure and monitor every aspect of your RocketAIC NVMe drive with a few simple clicks.

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite_RocketAIC6204A
RocketAIC6204A inserts into the slot

Simple Integration

Integration could not be simpler; Just plug in the card, power on the system, and you are good to go! VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Proxmox, and other leading Virtualization Platforms include native hardware support for RocketAIC 6200A series drives- no device driver or application is required! The drive will be automatically recognized as an ordinary physical disk when installing your chosen platform. The same is true for all modern operating systems; Windows 11 and Server 2022, and all major Linux distributions such as RHEL, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux will automatically recognize the RocketAIC 6200A as an available disk.



Product feature




Sequential Read (MB/s): 7122
Sequential Write (MB/s): 6305

RAID Support

RAID 0, 1, Single-Disk


RAID 0, 1, Single-Disk

Number of Channel / Port


Port Type


Data Transfer Rate


Number of devices


SSD Form Factor


Card Dimensions

7.68''(W) * 4.37''(H) * 0.98''(D)

Card Weight

1.40 lbs.


3 Years
TBW(Total SSDs): 4800TB
TBW(Single SSD): 1200TB

Supported Systems

OS (Only supports 64-bit OS)

Windows 11, 10; Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016; Microsoft Hyper-V
Linux (Linux kernel 3.10 and later)
VMware, Proxmox, Xenserver

System Requirements

PC Platforms: PC Systems or Motherboard with an industry standard PCIe x8 or x16 physical Slot (Bifurcation is not required), Refer to the compatibility list.

Secure Boot


NVMe Storage Management

Management Suites

WebGUI (Browser-Based management tool)
CLI (Command Line Interface- scriptable configuration tool)

SMTP Email Alert Notification


Alarm Buzzer


Storage Health Inspector


Automatic and configurable RAID Rebuilding Priority


Single-RAID or Multi-RAID Arrays per Controller


Advanced RAID features

Bootable RAID Array


Online Array Roaming


RAID Quick Initialization for fast array setup


Operating Environment

Work Temp

+5°C ~ + 55°C

Storage Temp

-20°C ~ +80°C

Operating Voltage

PCI-e: 12V, 3.3V




1.5 million hours

Certification / Approval


Kit Contents

RocketAIC 6204AW-A08T0-00

1x RA6204AW-A08T0-00 (includes 4 x Samsung 980 Pro 2TB MZ-V8P2T0B M.2 NVMe)
1x QIG



Windows Software Package

Windows RAID Management


Linux Software Package (Secure Boot is not supported)

Linux RAID Management



Product Specifications


Streamlining Installation: PCIe Expansion Drives for HP & Dell Systems

Streamlining Installation: PCIe Expansion Drives for HP & Dell Systems

RocketAIC PCIe Expansion Drive RAID Features

RocketAIC PCIe Expansion Drive RAID Features

Integrating PCIe Drive: Deciphering the Mystery of the HP & Dell Riser Accessory

Integrating PCIe Drive: Deciphering the Mystery of the HP & Dell Riser Accessory


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