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HighPoint Unleashes NVMe PCIe AIC Drives with Seamless Integration for Dell & HP Platforms

Unlock the full potential of your Dell and HP Server or Workstation with HighPoint’s game changing PCIe Expansion NVMe Storage Drives. Designed to address modern, data-intensive, performance-hungry workflows and professional media, AI, ML and virtualization applications, HighPoint’s RocketAIC series PCIe Gen4 and Gen3 expansion drives package a class leading 2 to 60TB of storage capacity, blazing fast 28GB/s transfer performance, and enterprise-grade reliability into a compact, single AIC form-factor. Shipped pre-configured, and ready for immediate use right out of the box, RocketAIC drives can be easily integrated into nearly any modern Dell or HP platform running a Windows OS or mainstream Linux distribution. 

RocketAIC series PCIe NVMe expansion drives have been meticulously vetted with an enormous range of Dell and HP factory-built computing solutions. We’ve closely examined subsequent generations of each supported platform to account for specialized variants with unique riser configurations and mixed PCIe 3.0/4.0/5.0 host interfaces, and have developed a series of Compatibility and Installation guides to help customers narrow down drive selection and simplify the integration process.

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Validated PCIe Expansion Drives for Dell & HP Workstation & Server Platforms

HighPoint offers an extensive range of NVMe AIC Expansion solutions designed specifically for leading Dell and HP Servers and Workstations such as ProLiant, Z, PowerEdge and Precision series computing platforms. 

HighPoint has conducted extensive research to evaluate the compatibility, ease of integration, and performance / capacity capabilities of our RocketAIC drives with a wide range of these factory-built systems. We have published a series of concise, easy to digest compatibility and setup guides to help you select the right drive for the job. Each guide examines the target system’s hardware configuration in detail, and analyzes the performance capabilities, and physical characteristics of each expansion slot and riser card, and then provide a list of recommended RocketAIC solutions.

Our Technical Support Team is ready to assist customers determine which AIC is best suited to the target platform, and direct them to the RocketAIC product matrix. And our post-sales service is second to none; dedicated teams of Support Personnel and Engineering staff are devoted to the RocketAIC product line, and are expertly familiar with Dell and HP’s leading platforms.

RocketAIC Ultra-Speed Family – RocketAIC 7500/7100/6200 Series Drives: Simple, compact and blisteringly fast, our Ultra-Speed series of RocketAIC drives deliver class-leading sustained transfer throughput, up to 16TB of storage, and can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of Dell and HP platforms. Ultra-Speed series AIC drives are available for compact and full-sized tower and rack mount chassis, and are equipped with up to eight of Samsung’s class-leading 980PRO series M.2 SSDs. 

RocketAIC Ultra-Dense Family - RocketAIC 7749EW Series Drives: HighPoint’s revolutionary RocketAIC 7749EW series AIC drives combine massive storage capacity with enterprise-grade reliability. Imagine over 60TB from a single GPU-sized add-in-card, backed by a 3-Year warranty and TBW of 112PB! RockeAIC Ultra-Dense series expansion drives are designed to maintain optimal transfer throughput in the most grueling 24/7 workflows, and benefit from Solidigm’s exceptional DWPD ratings, and enterprise feature set, which includes PLP (power loss protection). PLP enables the SSD to quickly flush cached data to permanent memory in the case of sudden power loss. 

Decades Long Storage Ecosystem Partnerships & System Development Expertise

For the past 3 decades, HighPoint has successfully designed, manufactured and deployed an immense range of field-proven host-RAID AICs, connectivity adapters, Enclosures and Storage Drive Solutions for IDE, SAS, SATA, USB, Thunderbolt™ and NVMe interfaces, across all major x86 Intel/AMD, and Apple computing platforms. Over the years, HighPoint has established strong ecosystem partnerships with industry leading storage media manufacturers to ensure our products and solutions are compatible with the widest possible range of drives and computing platforms. This has enabled us to select the best-in-class NVMe media in today’s marketplace for integration with our RocketAIC series PCIe expansion drives, and deliver class leading storage density, performance and reliability.

Decades of development experience with all major Operating System platforms have enabled us to provide comprehensive software support for our entire NVMe product portfolio. HighPoint’s Robust device driver and Management suites enable Vertical Application clientele to rapidly deploy Ultra-Dense and Ultra-Speed series RocketAIC drives into any modern Linux, Windows and macOS based computing environment.

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