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SSD7749E - PCIe Gen4 Performance and Enterprise Class Reliability in a Simple AIC Package

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

On the lookout for a DC Class NVMe RAID Solution that doesn’t require a 2.5” drive enclosure? HighPoint’s SSD7749E may be just what you need.

HighPoint’s SSD7749E RAID controller enables administrators to easily configure over 60TB of high-performance RAID storage, suitable for server-grade applications, using handful of off-the-shelf DC-class E1.S SSDs.

The SSD7749E is a close cousin to our proven SSD7540 8-Channel M.2 PCIe Gen4 RAID HBA. Like the SSD7540, the SSD7749E is a compact, high-performance, single-device storage solution capable of supporting up to 8 NVMe SSDs in a tidy, all-in-one package.Administrators can now easily integrate over 60TB of DC class NVMe RAID storage into any platform with a free PCIe 4.0 x16 slot!

PCIe Gen4 Performance and Enterprise Class Reliability in a Simple AIC Package

While both M.2 and E1.S media are highly reliable, DC (datacenter) class E1.S NVMe SSDs provide a variety of advanced features designed to further enhance the integrity of storage configurations while streamlining serviceability.

Power Loss Protection (known as PLP in shorthand) helps mitigate the risk of losing in-transit data during a power outage or PSU failure. SSDs that support PLP utilize a bank of capacitors to flush data stored in the cache-NAND to permanent flash memory when the host system suddenly loses power.

Cross-Sync RAID Technology Delivers over 100TB of DC-Class Storage Capacity

Customers that have a particularly stringent performance or capacity target can use the SSD7749E’s Cross-Sync RAID technology to double the device channel count and scale available PCIe bandwidth up to 32 lanes. This enables a pair of SSD7749E HBAs to deliver upwards of 55,000MB/s of transfer speed while supporting over 100TB of DC class storage. Learn More..

Versatile RAID Support

HighPoint’s SSD7749E is powered by HighPoint’s industry leading NVMe RAID technology, which enables administrators to easily configure RAID 0, 1 or 10 configurations via a comprehensive suite of Pre-OS and OS-Level management interfaces for Linux and Windows platforms.

However, the SSD7749E is equally well suited for applications that rely Software Defined Storage suites. E1.S NVMe SSDs hosted by the HBA are automatically presented to the operating system as available disks – no “JBOD” configuration or pre-OS prep work is required.

The SSD7749E’s Advanced Cooling System can Eliminate the Risk of Thermal Throttling

The SSD7749E’sadvanced cooling system was designed to address the considerable waste heat generated by PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs under load. Most Gen4 SSDs are designed to “throttle” back performance in an effort to safeguard the hardware when a temperature threshold is breeched. While thermal throttling can dramatically lower the transfer capabilities of a single SSD, the results can be drastic when applied to an entire RAID array.

Combating this heat is one of the prime directives of an effective PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID solution, and HighPoint cut no corners when designing the SSD7749E.

The unique HBA architecture incorporates an advanced cooling system which combines a full-length anodized aluminum case with integrated heat sinks supplemented with a pair of ultra-durable, low-decibel fans. This compact, efficient solution fully encases and insulates the E1.S media, and rapidly transfers waste heat away from critical componentry without injecting excessive noise into the work environment. This system system was designed to work in conjunction with the SSD7749E’s versatile management package. The SHI (Storage Health Inspector) management interface, allows administrators to check the operating status and temperature of each NVMe SSD in real-time, via S.M.A.R.T. technology, and configure temperature thresholds suitable for each SSD model in order to avoid the risk of thermal throttling.

Learn More about HighPoint’s revolutionary SSD7749E E1.S NVMe RAID HBA.

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