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RocketStor 6430 Series - Advanced Fan Control & Temperature Monitoring System

RocketStor 6430 employ a newly-designed Cooling System with built-in monitoring and control features.

New Cooling Hardware

The RS6430 series features dedicated fans and temperature sensors for the drive bays and power supply.

The power supply (PSU) fan is completely silent, and will adjust speed on the fly to keep the unit at a consistent operating temperature.

The drive bay fan (or fans in the case of the 8-bay RS6438) operate in a similar manner.

The enclosure will raise or lower fan RPM based on ambient conditions. However, the default operating state can be changed by the administrator.

All RocketStor 6430 enclosures are equipped with a 16x2 backlit LCD that provides temperature reading in real time, along with manual fan speed controls (buttons) and an option to enable/disable the audible alarm (which will sound if the enclosure’s ambient temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius).

Five speed settings are provided; 0 to 4 (0 being the lowest RPM, and 4 being the highest), and two mode settings: SMART Control (default) and Manual Control.

Media professionals will likely appreciate the Mode and Speed settings features – they enable administrators to lower fan speeds to minimize noise. Selecting Manual, then choosing the lowest fan setting (0) will enable near silent operation.

Fair warning; the lowest setting may not be ideal for long-term use. Depending on the type of drives you are working with, and the target application, the enclosure may have trouble to keeping ambient temperatures within the recommended range unless you intervene and reenable the SMART Control mode, or up the fan speed.

Configurable Temperature Thresholds

The WebGUI and CLI interfaces can be used to establish the temperature thresholds of the hard drives. By default, the interfaces will display a warning message if one or more drives reaches the threshold.

Instead of relying on an audio/visual cue, administrators can use the CLI/WebGUI interfaces to trigger an automated Email warning message.

You can set the disk temperature threshold (shown above as “HDD Temperature Threshold”) using the WebGUI’s SHI Tab. You can select between Fahrenheit or Celsius using the setting tab.

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