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HighPoint Brings Enterprise Grade NVMe AIC Drive Storage to the 2023 Mac Pro Workstation

Customers that are looking for high-density storage solution capable of sustaining an around-the-clock working schedule should consider our RocketAIC 7749EM series PCIe NVMe expansion drives, which are equipped with Solidigm’s Datacenter Class D7-P5520 Series E1.S SSDs. RocketAIC 7749EM drives are available with over 60TB of robust, enterprise-grade NVMe storage, and have been tuned to deliver maximum sustained transfer performance over extended periods of time; ideal for performance hungry, media, scientific and AI driven workflows.

Rocket7749E front

The Rocket 7749EM’s datacenter class E1.S NVMe media and unique hardware design provide a variety of advanced features designed to enhance the integrity of storage configurations, protect critical data assets, and streamline serviceability. The NVMe AIC Drive is built for 2023 Mac Pro Workstations.

The Unique Dual-Wide PCIe Hardware Architecture enables the E1.S media to be arranged vertically, to ensure all sides of storage media exposed to the cool air ingested by the pair of powerful, low-decibel cooling fans. The cool air is then condensed and circulated throughout the AIC, before being expelled from the rear of the PCIe bracket, away from sensitive NVMe media and the host Mac platform. This innovative cooling solution enables the RocketAIC 7749EM to deliver 27GB/s of sustained transfer throughput.

Precision Engineered Double-Width NVMe Cooling Solution_RocketAIC7749E

PLP (Power Loss Protection) – PLP is associated with Enterprise grade storage solutions, and was designed to help reduce the risk of data loss during a power outage. SSDs that support PLP utilize a bank of capacitors to flush data stored in the cache-NAND to permanent flash memory when the host system suddenly loses power.

Enterprise Class Reliability & Endurance Rating – RocketAIC 7749EM drives have a durability rating measures in DWPD (disk writes per day), as opposed to the standard TBW (total bytes written). The E1.S media employed by the drive is certified for datacenter applications, and are designed for prolonged sessions of heavy I/O.

Learn More about HighPoint’s Class-Leading RocketAIC 7749EM series of Enterprise Grade PCIe NVMe Expansion Drives

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