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From Massive Server Racks to One AIC: The Evolution and Impact of HighPoint’s NVMe Storage Solutions

Advancements in AI, ML and EOT applications are driven by their insatiable need for more and bigger data. Housing all of this information is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive with conventional storage technology. Traditional data center models rely on hugely expensive server infrastructure with massive hardware footprints and resource requirements, and the resulting environmental concerns, are simply unsustainable. The miniaturization of technology has always been a draw, but is now becoming an absolute need. HighPoint has not shied away from this emerging reality. On the contrary, they’ve embraced it in full. HighPoint’s dual-width NVMe RAID AICs and PCIe Expansion drives have ushered in a new era for storage technology.

It is now possible to host 60+ TB of blisteringly fast NVMe storage from a single PCIe AIC. One card is all you need; no server racks, no cable forests, no massive power or cooling infrastructure required. Everything you need is now enclosed directly into ultra-compact device that can be easily added into an ordinary desktop computer!

Why is a single-slot 60TB Storage Solution a game changer?

In the recent past, attaining this level of storage capacity from a single AIC, was impossible outside of U.2/U.3-based solutions. However, U.2/U.3 media requires dedicated cabling and 2.5” drive bays; this means you will need considerable free space inside your system chassis to even consider going this route.

HighPoint’s ground-breaking double-wide NVMe AICs change everything. You can now host up to 61.44TB of blazing fast NVMe storage from a single AIC roughly the same size and shape as high-end GPU.

Storage media is hosted directly by the HighPoint AIC. As such, this type of solution is far more efficient, both in terms of serviceability and space savings than the traditional U.2/U.3 model. SSD7749 RAID AICs and RocketAIC 7749x series NVMe Drives can be easily installed into any platform capable of hosting a modern dual-width graphics card, including compact tower-chassis and industrial platforms. The lack of additional hardware reduces overhead costs, minimizes point of failure, and simplifies service, repair, replacement and upgrade procedures, as everything is easily accessed forma a single point.

Traditional U.2U.3 Storage Solutions

More than just a capacity upgrade - Enterprise Class Endurance & Reliability HighPoint’s SSD7749 NVMe RAID AIC and RocketAIC 7749x series PCIe Expansion drives AICs were engineered to host DC class E1.S and 22110 M.2 NVMe media, which offer enterprise grade reliability and ultra-high endurance ratings.

Endurance is measured in DWPD, with ratings between 1 and 3 (disk writes per day), as opposed to TBW (total bytes written) for client disks. This puts E1.S on par with U.2/U.3 SSDs.

In addition, DC class E1S media is available with Enterprise grade reliability enhancing features, such as PLP, or power-loss protection. PLP equipped SSDs have an extra bank of capacitors that are used to flush data stored in cache directly to permanent flash memory in the event of a power failure.

Future Proof

Future Proof

The future has never looked brighter; 60TB is just the beginning!

60+ TB from a single card is a massive development. However, don’t be surprised if this number doubles or even triples in the near future. It’s clear from product roadmaps from NVMe storage manufactures that E1.S media is expected to replace 2.5” form-factor devices in the coming years. 15 TB SSDs are before the end of the year (2023), with talk of 30+ TB models for 2024. HighPoint’s dual-width E1.S NVMe solutions effectively future proof modern server or workstation platforms. The tech is fully upwards compatible; administrators are free scale NVMe storage as needed and integrate newer, more advanced E1.S SSDs into existing workflows.

HighPoint NVMe Technology is Set to Reshape the Storage Landscape

HighPoint’s dual-wide NVMe AICs will change the way companies address their storage needs. Adding high-density storage suitable for today’s most demanding applications to the platform of your choice has never been easier. SSD7749 series E1.S AICs and RocketAIC 7749 series drives enable administrators to quickly add 60TB of class leasing, enterprise-grade storage to any PC platform with a single dual-wide PCIe x16 slot.

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