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The SSD7505 is the industry's fastest and most versatile 4-Channel PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID HBA. The compact single-width controller can be easily integrated into any industry standard computing plarform with a PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, and supports up to four 2242, 2260 or 2280 form-factor M.2 NVMe SSDs of any capacity in one or more RAID 0, 1 or 10 configuraitons at speeds up to 25,000MB/s! In addition, the SSD7505 can be configured to host bootable SSDs or arrays for Linux and Windows platforms.

Performance Focused Hardware Architecture

HighPoint’s unique performance-focused NVMe architecture utilizes intelligent switch technology to allocate up to x4 lanes of bandwidth to each NVMe device port. This enables the SSD7505 4-port M.2 RAID controller to fully saturate x16 lanes of host bandwidth using as little as four NVMe SSDs.

However, additional SSDs can be added to maximize storage capacity, or fine tune the configuration for a specific application by optimizing a RAID array for sequential or random I/O.

Stand-Alone PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID Solutions

SSD7500 series controllers are truly independent NVMe RAID solutions; they do not require motherboard platforms with Bifurcation support, or any specialized software released by SSD manufactures. Any AMD or Intel based system with a dedicated PCIe 4.0 x16 slot can now take full advantage of the industry’s fastest storage media. In addition, SSD7500 series NVMe RAID controllers can be used to host bootable RAID or single NVMe SSD configurations for Windows and Linux platforms.

Advanced Gen4 Cooling System Eliminates Thermal Throttling

HighPoint’s Low-Noise Hyper-Cooling solution eliminates the risk of thermal throttling by ensuring PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSDs consistently operate within their recommended temperature thresholds, even under sustained heavy I/O. Each controller features a full length anodized aluminum heat sink that is equipped with one or more ultra-durable, low-decible fans and high-conductivity thermal pads. This innovative, ultra- efficient cooling system rapidly transfers waste heat away from critical NVMe and controller componentry, without introducing unwanted distraction into your work environment.



PCIe 4.0 x16 4-Port M.2 NVMe RAID HBA

The Industry's Fastest & 4-Channel PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID Controller 



Product feature

Bus Interface

PCI-Express 4.0 x16

Number of Channel / Port

4x M.2 NVMe port (Dedicated PCIe 4.0 x4 per port)

Port Type

4x M.2 NVMe

Data Transfer Rate


Number of device

4x M.2 NVMe SSD

SSD Form Factor

2242/2260/2280/22110 (supports single & double sided)

External Power Support


Form Factor


Card Dimensions

7.68"(W) x 4.37"(H) x 0.85"(D)

Card Weight

1.32 lbs.


2 Years

Supported Operating Systems


Windows 11 ,10; Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016; Microsoft Hyper-V; Only supports 64 bit operating system.


RHEL/Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/Proxmox/Rocky Linux(Linux kernel 3.10 and later) Only supports 64 bit operating system.


macOS 10.13 ~ macOS 14.x

System Requirements

Mac Platforms:

• Apple Mac Pro Systems: 2012 and later Mac Pro systems; MacPro5,1; MacPro7,1 (2019); Mac14,8 (2023) Note: PCIe 4.0 required for maximum performance
• Intel & Apple M1 & Apple M2 Platform compatible
• Thunderbolt™ 3 Connectivity via Thunderbolt™ Expansion chassis: RocketStor6661A

PC Platforms:

Any PC Systems or Motherboard with an industry standard PCIe x16 physical Slot (Bifurcation is not required). Note: PCIe 4.0 required for maximum performance.
Thunderbolt™ 3 Connectivity (requires a PC platform with a Thunderbolt 3 port) & Thunderbolt™ Expansion chassis: RocketStor6661A

Secure Boot(PC platforms)

Windows: Support Secure Boot Disable and Enable(Please download the UEFI driver corresponding to Secure Boot on the software download page)
Linux:Support Secure Boot disable

Cooling System

Full-Length Anodized Aluminum Heat sink with built-in Low-Noise fan

Fan Control

Yes (Windows, Mac)

NVMe Configurations

RAID Support

Single, RAID 0, 1, 10


Single, RAID 0, 1, 10

Storage Mode - NVMe

Data RAID (Non-Bootable)

Windows,Linux,Mac (Linux Driver can be installed via internet/network connection)


Windows: Windows10, 11 Windows Server 2016,2019,2022
kernel3.10 and later (Linux Driver can be installed via internet/network connection)
Mac:Bootable using one (non-RAID) M.2 SSD as the boot drive. Only supports up to macOS 10.15.

NVMe RAID Management

Management Suites

WebGUI (Browser-Based management tool )
CLI (Command Line Interface- scriptable configuration tool)
API package
UEFI Tool & UEFI HII (BIOS interface via Human Interface Infrastructure Support)

SMTP Email Alert Notification


Alarm Buzzer


Storage Health Inspector


NVMe SMART status


Automatic and configurable RAID Rebuilding Priority


Auto resume incomplete rebuilding after power on or reboot system


Single-RAID or Multi-RAID Arrays per Controller


Cross-Sync RAID Solution Across Controllers

Yes (Windows,Linux,Mac)

Advanced RAID features

Flash ROM for Upgradeable UEFI


Bootable RAID Array


Multiple RAID Partitions supported


Online Array Roaming


RAID Quick Initialization for fast array setup


Global Hot Spare Disk support


Operating Environment

Work Temp

+5°C ~ + 55°C

Storage Temp

-20°C ~ +80°C

Operating Voltage

PCI-e: 12V, 3.3V


Typical: 16.44W

MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)

920,585 Hours

Certification / Approval


Kit Contents

1x SSD7505
1x Quick Installation Guide


HighPoint NVMe Performance Architecture

HighPoint NVMe Performance Architecture

New SSD7505 Single and Cross-Sync Gen4 Performance Video

New SSD7505 Single and Cross-Sync Gen4 Performance Video

SSD7105/7505 Ubuntu Boot RAID Setup Guide

SSD7105/7505 Ubuntu Boot RAID Setup Guide

Product Gallery

Product Family

Optional Accessories

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