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Revolutionize Storage with HighPoint’s E1.S NVMe RAID AICs; Leveraging the strengths of U.2 and M.2 based solutions

E1.S NVMe media utilize a compact form factor similar to 22110 M.2 SSDs, yet deliver the balanced performance characteristics and enterprise grade reliability associated with U.2/U.3 media. E1.S SSDs are now available with 8TB of storage capacity and are built to last, with endurance ratings measured in DWPD (disk writes per day). In addition, E1.S media is often more affordable than their U.2/U.3 counterparts. It’s of little surprise that E1.S media is becoming the storage format of choice for next-generation co mputing platforms. The packaging, performance and pricing is simply too good to ignore.

HighPoint is posed to lead this transition. The SSD7749E E1.S NVMe AIC represents the next generation of compact RAID solutions. The controller’s revolutionary hardware architecture was engineered to maximize the strengths of E1.S media in a robust, compact PCIe form factor that can be easily installed into any platform capable of supporting modern, dual-width GPU adapters. The SSD7749E can directly host eight 9.5mm or four 15mm E1.S SSDs; that’s 64TB of Datacenter Class RAID storage and 28,000MB/s of transfer speed from a single PCIe Gen4 x16 slot!

The Beauty of E1.S 

SSD7749E with SSD.png

HighPoint SafeStorage Encryption Solution

HighPoint SafeStorage is a unified NVMe Hardware Encryption Solution developed to accommodate both large-scale RAID arrays and individually configured SSDs, and can be scaled across multiple HighPoint PCIe AICs connected to the host platform.

SafeStorage was developed to work in conjunction with leading SED technology employed by a wide range of NVMe media, and is based on the OPAL SSC TCG specifications. It is designed to protect critical assets when physical drives are misplaced or stolen by preventing unauthorized access to stored data. RAID volumes are encrypted at the time of creation, and will automatically activate each disk member’s self-encryption capabilities. Learn More About HighPoint SafeStorage


Precision Engineered Double-Width NVMe Cooling Solution

HighPoint E1.S NVMe RAID AICs employ a purpose-built double-width cooling solution, which drastically improves cooling performance over conventional heatsink/fan units. The unique dual-width casing fully encloses the AIC’s internals, and enables hosted E1.S media to be arranged vertically; this ensures each side of the SSDs are exposed to the cool air ingested by a pair of powerful, low-decibel cooling fans.

SSD7749_PCIe Gen4 Hyper Cooling Solution.png

The system condenses and circulates the air throughout the casing, before rapidly ejecting waste heat away from the AIC and host platform via a ventilated PCIe bracket. The innovative solution was designed to work in conjunction with HighPoint’s SHI (Storage Health Inspector) monitoring service, which can track fan speed and SSD temperature in real time, and our SMTP Email Alert Notification feature, which enables customers to configure one or more Email addresses to receive information about any activity related to the AIC, such as maintenance procedures, warnings or errors.

Innovative Toolless Loading System

HighPoint’s dual-width NVMe AIC architecture incorporates a unique loading system designed to simplify installation, upgrade and maintenance procedures. Administrators will no longer need to remove the NVMe controller from the system when adding or removing SSDs, nor hassle with a mass of screws associated with the controller card’s bracket, casing and the SSDs themselves.

dual-fan cooling system.png

The dual-fan cooling system features a unique latch-lock mechanism that enables the module to swing up and away from the PCB to reveal the SSD slots.

Each SSD7749E houses up to eight 9.5MM or four 15MM E1.S SSDs. (diagram) Each SDS slot features a quick-release latch which enables administrators to quickly install or remove the SSDs without the need for hand tools or fasteners.

Choose your NVMe RAID AIC

The following product table may help you determine which SSD7500 series AIC is best for your target application and computing environment The table provides key specifications for each product and provides links to additional information about specific AIC related attributes, including form factor and performance level.



OS Support



8x 9.5MM or 4x 15MM


PCIe 4.0 x16

0, 1, 10 & Single Disk

Windows, Linux & macOS



The following sections discuss how to determine the compatibility of your selected AIC with a variety of computing platforms and NVMe SSDs.


System Compatibility Guides

Comprehensive Compatibility & Installation Guidelines Available for PC & Mac Workstations & Server Platforms

HighPoint PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID AICs have been verified for compatibility with a wide range of computing platforms, including industry leading server and workstation product lines manufactured by Apple, Dell, HP and Supermicro. We routinely publish compatibility and installation guides on a platform-to-platform basis for each of our NVMe product families. 


Drive Compatibility Guides

PCIe Gen4 Series NVMe RAID AICs are capable of hosting Client, DC and Enterprise class NVMe storage media available. HighPoint maintains strong technology ecosystem partnerships with today’s leading NVMe SSD manufacturers to ensure maximum compatibility with all industry standard M.2, U.2, U.3 and E1.S SSDs in today’s marketplace. Learn More about HighPoint's Ecosystem Partners

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