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Edge Device & Server Applications for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Development

Autonomous Vehicle (AV) applications, such as the development of automated driving systems (ADS), increasingly rely on high-speed Edge Computing technology.

AV applications require edge devices that incorporate high-performance storage appliances. These devices must provide a high level of sustained, bi-directional transfer throughput; Incoming data must be processed quickly by the in-car Edge device, and then be quickly offloaded to a separate system for research and development. Depending on the edge device’s hardware architecture, this task is completed in one of two ways; either data is offloaded via a network connection, or offloaded by physically removing the storage unit from the vehicle, for direct installation into the analysis platform.

High-Speed Networking Requirements

Some offloading and analysis workflows rely on high-speed networking infrastructure (100 or more GigE). The Edge device’s must be able to accommodate the available network bandwidth and volume of data; this may call for an even faster and denser storage appliance. SAS and SATA storage solutions are increasingly unable to keep pace with advances AV technology. 120GigE networks are capable of supporting data transfer rates of 15,000MB/s. To put this in perspective, you would need a RAID 0 array comprised of 30 SATA SSDs capable of delivering 500MB/s of sustained performance in order to reach this threshold – an unrealistic proposal for an in-vehicle AV solution. Conversely, a handful of off-the-shelf NVMe SSDs can easily satisfy this requirement!


AV platforms require compact, fast and dense storage solutions capable of keeping pace with data acquisition and offloading workflows and accomodate high-speed networking infrastructure.





NVMe RAID Enclosures


SSD6540 Series



NVMe RAID Solutions for AV Application____.jpg

Edge Devices for Network Offloading

If the Edge device was designed to interface with a network for the purpose of offloading data, the storage unit employed by the Edge platform must be able to keep pace with available ethernet bandwidth. For example, a storage solution designed for integration into a 200GigE network infrastructure would ideally be capable of delivering 25,000MB/s of transfer performance. SAS/SATA based solutions are impractical for this requirement – the sheer number of drives needed to meet this bandwidth rating would necessitate a multi-u rackmount solution, which would not physically fit into most AV applications. NVMe is the logical choice – the compact form factor and 10 to 1 performance advantage can easily meet or exceed the bandwidth requirement without having to worry about size constraints.

The HighPoint SSD7540 PCIe Gen4 x16  8-Channel NVMe RAID AIC can be installed into any Edge or Industrial computing platform with an avaiable PCIe 4.0 x16 slot. Applications that require a more compact solution can opt for the 4-Channel SSD7505.

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High-Speed Neworks Offloading

Removable Storage Container for Edge Devices

If the Edge device necessitates physical removal of the storage unit, a compact appliance that facilitates both rapid data transfer and serviceability is an absolute must. Traditional USB-based storage modules, though robust and readily accessible, are rarely able to accommodate the required data transfer rates (even with the advent of 20G). And while SAS/SATA storage offer the advantages of hot-plug capability and widespread availability, meeting a conservative performance target of 7K MB/s would require an appliance with a massive hardware footprint. It’s no surprise that NVMe storage is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for AV applications.

HighPoint's SSD7580B PCIe Gen4 x16 U.2/U.3 NVMe RAID AIC is an ideal solution for a container-based model. The compact, half-height controllers can be easily installed into any computing platform with free PCIe 4.0 x16 slot, and can accomodate NVMe storage configurations comprised of U.2, U.3 or M.2 SSDs via a range of cabling solutions for SFF-8639, SFF-8643 and SFF-8611 backplanes.

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Removable Storage Container
External/Removable Storage Enclosure

External/Removable Storage Enclosure for Edge Devices

Similar to the Container model, a compact, external storage enclosure can be used to transfer data between the Edge device and datacenter or analysis platforms. The enclosure can be connected to either system via a simple external cabling solution. This model provides several advantages; the Edge device and datacenter don’t need to directly accommodate the enclosure unit; it can interface with either platform via discreet PCIe AIC with an external connector. This also allows the storage device to be relocated to another region of the vehicle.

The HighPoint SSD6780A 8-Bay PCIe Gen4 NVMe RAID enclosure is ideal for such applications. The robust, compact chassis stands less than 5" in height, yet can support up to 8 U.2/U.3 or M.2 NVMe SSDs of any capacity, in one or more RAID 0, 1, or 10 configurations, and deliver up to 28,000MB/s of transfer performance.

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Integrated Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capability Streamlines Troubleshooting & Maintenance Workflows

True NVMe Hot Plug Support makes Moving RAID Storage a Snap!

Unlike the vast majority of NVMe storage appliances, the SSD6780A RAID enclosure features true Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap capability. These features represent a major technical advancement for an NVMe based solution, as it can drastically streamline service and upgrade workflows.

The SSD6780A’s eight removable 2.5” drive trays and comprehensive software management suite enable administrators to easily add or remove one or more NVMe SSDs on the fly, as necessity demands; this includes RAID and single-drive configurations. The enclosure will automatically notify the operating system of any changes, in real time. No shutdown or reboot is required!

HighPoint SafeStorage Secures In-Transit Data

The SSD6780A enclosure can support self-encrypting drives (SEDs), a data security feature available with Enterprise and Datacenter class NVMe media. This feature secures data against unauthorized access, and can be applied to RAID and non-RAID storage configurations.

HighPoint NVMe RAID Solutions for AV Applications

HighPoint NVMe solutions are ideal for high-performance media capture applications, and are available for each networking tier. They offer substantial advantages over traditional SAS/SATA based storage solutions, especially in terms of performance and packaging, and are no longer limited to specialized platforms or applications. NVMe SSDs are now the default option for many, if not most factory-made computing platforms, and serve as both the boot drive and secondary storage device. As a result, NVMe SSDs are now common place, and are increasingly affordable, more reliable and faster than ever. The blazing speed, high level of reliability, and compact form factor make NVMe based storage devices ideal for high-resolution 4K & 8K media capture solutions.

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Blazing Fast, small-form-factor NVMe RAID AICs for AV Edge Servers

HighPoint NVMe RAID AICs, are compact, single-width PCIe controller cards capable of fully saturating x16 lanes of PCIe Gen4 (4.0) or Gen3 (3.0) host bandwidth, and can be easily integrated into Edge Server and Industrial computing platforms with a free PCIe x16 slot. This highly flexible, performance focused hardware architecture enables SSD7500 and 7000 series NVMe RAID AICs to intelligent PCIe Switch technology to allocate up to x4 lanes of bus bandwidth to each SSD Our 4 and 8-Channel PCIe Gen4 RAID controllers can deliver up to 25K to 28K of sustained transfer performance and easily accommodate high-speed network infrastructure up to 200GigE.

Robust, Fast & Compact External NVMe RAID Solutions for AV Edge Devices

HighPoint external enclosures enable solution providers to easily integrate high-performance, portable, hot-pluggable NVMe RAID storage into compact Edge solutions for AV applications.

The PCIe Gen4 SSD6670A RAID enclosure is only 4.5” tall, yet can host upwards of 120TB of U.2, U.3 or M.2 NVMe RAID storage at speeds suitable for 200GigE networks, and DAS applications up to 28,000MB/s. The flexible performance-focused backplane architecture leverages intelligent PCIe switch technology to allocate up to x4 lanes of host bandwidth to each drive port on the fly, to ensure maximum throughput for each NVMe SSD. Each external enclosure connects to the target server via a discreet PCIe AIC and robust, proprietary cabling solution designed to ensure x16 lanes of dedicated PCIe bandwidth are available at all times.

Streamline Field Service & Maintenance Workflow with Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capability

The SSD7580 RAID AIC and SSD6780A RAID Enclosure feature true Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap capability. Hot-Swap capability is a huge boon for NVMe technology, as it can drastically streamline service and upgrade workflows.

Administrators can add or remove one or more NVMe SSDs on the fly, as necessity demands. This includes RAID and single-drive configurations. The solution will automatically notify the operating system of any changes, in real time – no reboot required!.

Advanced Cooling Systems

HighPoint NVMe RAID AICs and Enclosures provide all the tools you need to actively combat the threat of waste heat, and ensure critical storage can remain online, 24/7/365, in a wide range of working environments.

The SSD6540 and SSD6780 enclosures feature robust, aluminum construction and are equipped with a pair of ultra-quiet high-efficiency cooling fans and ventilated drive bays. A comprehensive real-time monitoring system incorporates full fan control with LED indication, audible alarms and customizable thresholds to keep ambient temperatures in control.

PCIe Gen4 RAID AICs feature our proven, NVMe Hyper Cooling System, which combines a full-length anodized aluminum heat sink with an ultra-durable near-silent fans, and high-conductivity thermal pads. This innovative, ultra- efficient cooling system rapidly transfers waste heat away from critical NVMe and controller componentry, without introducing unwanted distraction into your work environment.

OEM/ODM Mobile Rack/Chassis Design & Engineering Services for Edge and Industrial Solution Providers

HighPoint’s external NVMe technology can be readily integrated into industrial and Edge computing platforms. Our drive bay architecture is modular, and can be incorporated into unique backplanes and mobile rack designs, and built to conform with industry standard rackmount form factors.



The SSD6780A is the industry's first external PCIe Gen4 x16 NVMe RAID solution. The compact enclosure supports up to 8 U.2/U.3 NVMe SSDs, and is capable of delivering 28,000MB/s of transfer performance.

Quick Specs

Host Interface: PCIe 4.0x x16

Device Ports: 8x U.2/U.2

Form Factor: 8-Bay tower enclosure

NVMe RAID Enclosures

SSD6540 Series

SSD6540 Series RAID Storage Enclosures are ideal for I/O intensive, professional media applications that require a compact, external storage solution capable of delivering up to 14,000MB/s of transfer bandwidth.

Quick Specs

Host Interface: PCIe 3.0 x16

Device Ports: 4x U.2/U.3 or M.2

Form Factor: 4-Bay Tower Enclosure