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Rocket 750: The Industry's First, Lowest-Cost 40-Port SATA 6Gb/s HBA

HighPoint is proud to introduce our innovative SATA Aggregation Technology to the storage marketplace ? This revolutionary architecture allows a single host adapter card to support up to 40 SATA hard drives, and represents the industry's lowest-cost mass SATA storage solution. The Rocket 750 is ideal for applications that require huge levels of storage capacity such as data Libraries, archiving and backup solutions, but need to maximize cost savings over SAS expander-based configurations. Backblazeˇ¦s Storage Pod 4.0 solution; a cost effective, high throughput mass storage solution designed for online backup services.

Simplify Mass Storage Connectivity
The Rocket 750's revolutionary HBA architecture allows each of the 10 Mini-SAS ports to support up to four SATA hard drives: A single Rocket 750 is capable of supporting up to 40 4TB 6Gb/s SATA disks, for an unprecedented 160TB of directed-attached storage. The industry-standard SFF-8087 Mini-SAS connectors streamline installation, upgrade and maintenance procedures and ensure maximum compatibility with industry standard storage cabling, accessories & chassis hardware.
  One HBA - 40 Drives - 160TB of Direct-Attached Storage
Cost Effective Mass Storage Solution
The Rocket 750's revolutionary HBA architecture removes the need for costly SAS expander devices and chassis backplane hardware, dramatically reducing up-front costs. The PCIe 2.0 x8 host interface and 6Gb/s SATA controller hardware deliver the ideal transfer bandwidth for applications focused on maximizing available storage capacity
Intelligent Storage Health Manager
HighPoint has long recognized the value of unified management services. While other affordable mass storage solutions make do with the operating system default utilities, or the disk manufacturer storage related monitoring software, The Rocket 750 includes HighPoint's comprehensive management suite known as Intelligent Storage Health Manager (ISHM).
This intuitive web-based interface is available for all major PC operating system platforms, and includes a wide selection of storage related monitoring and notification services.
Major Operating System Platforms Support
HighPoint has developed a series of software suites that allow professional solution providers to quickly and easily integrate the Rocket 750 into all major PC operating system platforms including Windows 2012, 2008, 2007, and 8, Linux Distributions, and FreeBSD.