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HighPoint Unveils 122TB Enterprise Grade PCIe Expansion AIC Drive for Ultra M2 Mac Pros

August 2023, Fremont CA - HighPoint unveils the industry’s first 122TB Enterprise-Grade PCIe Expansion AIC (add-in-card) Ultra-Dense Drive Series for Ultra M2 Mac Pro workstations. Available with up to 122TB of storage capacity, and capable of delivering up to 54GB/s of mind-blowing transfer bandwidth, RocketAIC Ultra-Dense for Mac Drive Series (RocketAIC 7749EM & RocketAIC 7749EN) were designed for high-productivity Mac Pro workstations and grueling workflows that demand maximum uptime and transfer throughput to ensure projects stay on schedule without compromising quality.

HighPoint’s RocketAIC Ultra-Dense Drives are industry’s first Enterprise Grade PCIe Storage Drive solutions for Apple’s new Ultra M2 Mac Pro. The compact AIC drives provide ultra-high density NVMe storage with enterprise grade reliability and endurance, and are capable of delivering highly-consistent sustained transfer performance suitable for media-rich workflows and AI applications.

RocketAIC Series PCIe Expansion Drives employ industry-proven storage technology, precision engineered hardware architecture, and class-leading media from today’s premier NVMe Brands to deliver the speed, endurance and reliability one expects from a professional-grade storage solution. Each drive leverage state of the art PCIe Gen4 switch technology and proven AIC hardware architecture and purpose-built NVMe cooling solutions to ensure each SSD delivers maximum throughput at all times.

MAC 7749_1.png

HighPoint’s RocketAIC 7749EM/EN solutions are the Industry’s 1st Enterprise Grade PCIe Expansion Drives Designed for 2023 Apple Mac Pro Workstations

2023 Mac Pro workstation platforms are powered by Apple’s M2 Ultra architecture, a 24-Core CPU, and powerful, integrated graphics processor (GPU). The platform is many times faster than previous generations of Mac Pros and provides a large number of PCIe expansion ports; 7 full-length slots, 4 of which can accommodate dual-width PCIe devices. This level computational and graphical power enables the new platform to support an enormous range of professional applications.

Of particular note is built-in GPU, which has up to 76 cores and 192GB of memory at its disposal. This effectively frees up a dedicated PCIe x16 slot for use with other devices, such as a PCIe Expansion AIC Drive. Professional workflows will see immediate benefit from a high-density NVMe based solution, due to the superior reliability, transfer performance, easy to integrate compact form-factor of NVMe storage media.

HighPoint’s new line of single and dual AIC drive solutions were designed to fulfill this role. The compact, PCIe form-factor NVMe storages drives are designed to enhance productivity and streamline mission critical workflows for Mac Pro platforms. A wide selection of preconfigured drives is now available for both 2023 and 2019 workstations; customers can opt for a single or dual-drive solution, tailored to maximize the density, reliability or performance.

Built for Demanding Scientific, AI, Deep Learning, & Machine Learning Applications

AI, Deep Learning and Machine Learning applications require a tremendous volume of computational resources to perform optimally. Processing particularly voluminous sets of data or analyzing complex problems or objects can potentially overwhelm available VRAM (video RAM), which would then slow the entire process to a crawl. To combat this risk, the majority of AI Servers utilize high-speed storage devices to supplement VRAM and mitigate the loss of performance.

RocketAIC expansion drives are designed to address the data-intensive, high-throughput, low-latency workflows associated with Machine Learning systems & AI applications. In particular, our RocketAIC 7749EM and EN series NVMe expansion drives leverage our industry leading NVMe architecture and Solidigm’s Data Center Class D7-P5520 Series E1.S SSDs to deliver enterprise grade levels of storage reliability, endurance and transfer performance in a compact package that can be easily integrated into 2023 M2 Ultra Mac Pro platforms.

Precision Engineered PCIe-Gen4 NVMe Cooling Solutions

RocketAIC 7749EM and EN series drives are equipped with our innovative double-width NVMe cooling system, which was engineered to ensure high-density Gen4 NVMe media consistently deliver maximum throughput for extended I/O sessions. Each drive is fully enclosed by an anodized aluminum casing designed to optimize airflow. The dual-width architecture’s unique socket design enables the Solidigm SSDs to be arranged vertically, similar to how memory is installed into a conventional motherboard. This ensures both sides of each SSD are exposed to the cool air ingested by a pair of powerful, low-decibel cooling fans. The cool air is then condensed and circulated throughout the casing, which then rapidly ejects waste heat via the ventilated PCIe bracket.

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite: The novel cooling system was designed to work in conjunction with HighPoint’s SHI (storage health inspector) monitoring service, which can track fan speed and SSD temperature in real time, and our SMTP Email Alert Notification feature, which enables customers to configure one or more Email addresses to receive information about any activity related to the RocketAIC drive, such as maintenance procedures, warnings or errors.

Though RocketAIC drives are designed to work right out of the box, customers are free to install HighPoint’s intuitive WebGUI management software, which includes our SHI solution. Quick, and easily mastered, the WebGUI works with all modern web browsers such as Safari, and can be used to manage, configure and monitor every aspect of your RocketAIC NVMe drive with a few simple clicks.

Ultra-Dense PCIe Expansion Drives for Mac

A pair of RocketAIC Ultra-Dense Drives can deliver an astonishing 122TB of storage using just two PCIe slots!

The RocketAIC HN series drives seamlessly integrate up to 16 NVMe SSDs into a single, unified volume.

macOS will recognize a single physical drive, up to 122TB in size!

RocketAIC 7749E Series

Single AIC Solutions:

RA7749EM-S30T7-01: 30.72TB Drive

RA7749EM-S61T4-02: 61.44TB Drive

Dual-AIC Solutions:

RA7749EN-S61T4-01: 61.44TB Cross-Sync Drive

RA7749EN-S122T-02: 122.88TB Cross-Sync Drive

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Dual RocketAIC Cards Bring 122TB Of SSD Storage At 54GB/s

HighPoint's Dual RocketAIC Cards Offer 122TB of SSD Storage at 54 GB/s

Dual RocketAIC Cards Bring 122TB Of SSD Storage At 54GB/s


Introduced unique RocketAIC drive with speeds up to 54GB/s


Dual RocketAIC Cards Bring 122TB Of SSD Storage At 54GB/s

HighPoint Unveils 122TB Enterprise Grade PCIe Expansion AIC Drive for Ultra M2 Mac Pros

Two RocketAIC cards provide 122 TB of SSD storage at an extremely high speed

Introduced unique RocketAIC drive with speeds up to 54GB/s

RocketAIC launches 122TB SSD

Two RocketAIC cards provide 122TB of SSD storage at an extremely high speed


Presented a unique drive with a speed of up to 54GB/s

Presented a unique drive with a speed of up to 54GB/s


HighPoint RocketAIC Expansion Card integrates eight E1.S format NVMe SSDs

A pair of RocketAIC cards can deliver 122 TB of SSD storage at incredibly fast speeds

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