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Introducing the Revolutionary RocketAIC 7749MW by HighPoint: Elevate Your Data Transfer Speed to 28GB/s with Pro-Class NVMe Storage

HighPoint’s revolutionary RocketAIC 7749MW NVMe AIC SSD is designed for professionals who demand the highest levels of storage performance and reliability. Armed with 32TB of Pro Class NVMe storage, HighPoint’s SafeStorage data encryption technology, and capable of delivering 28GB/s of sustained transfer speed, the RocketAIC 7749MW represents a new standard for robust, high-density, high-speed data storage solutions.

RocketAIC 7749MW series NVMe AIC SSDs are ideal for off-the-shelf Content Creation Workstations and AI servers manufactured by leading system vendors including Dell, HP and Supermicro, and are capable of accommodating a wide-range of high-performance applications, including AI driven workflows, virtual memory solutions, post-production platforms, and high-speed data ingestion and media capture systems. RocketAIC 7749MW series NVMe AIC SSDs leverage our industry leading NVMe hardware architecture and Samsung’s 990 PRO series M.2 SSDs to deliver class-leading reliability and transfer performance. 

MAC 7749_1.png

Performance-Focused Hardware Architecture

HighPoint RocketAIC NVMe AIC SSDs incorporate Broadcom industry-leading PCIe switch chipsets, to optimize signal integrity, reduce latency and maximize transfer throughput. The highly flexible, performance-focused hardware architecture ensures bandwidth is never wasted. RocketAIC 7749EW AIC SSDs allocate a dedicated x16 lanes of upstream bandwidth, and x4 lanes of downstream bandwidth to each device. This enables each AIC to deliver up to 28,000MB/s of real-world sustained transfer bandwidth; the maximum possible from a single PCIe Gen4 slot!

Precision Engineered Double-Width NVMe Cooling Solution 

HighPoint’s groundbreaking dual-width cooling solution resides within the heart of each RocketAIC 7749MW series AIC SSD. This innovative cooling system was engineered to prevent thermal throttling and enable NVMe storage to deliver maximum sustained transfer throughput under the most demanding workloads. Whether your rendering complex 3D models, editing 8K video footage or processing sophisticated AI algorithms, RocketAIC 7749MW AIC SSDs are always up to the task. 

Designed to drastically improve cooling performance over existing single-width solutions, this innovative new system mitigates the threat of thermal throttling and ensures high-density PCIe Gen4 NVMe media consistently deliver maximum throughput for extended I/O sessions. Each RocketAIC 7749MW AIC SSD is fully enclosed by an anodized aluminum casing designed to optimize airflow. The dual-width architecture’s unique socket design enables the 990 PRO SSDs to be arranged vertically, similar to how memory is installed into a conventional motherboard. This ensures each SSD is exposed to the airflow ingested by a pair of powerful, low-decibel cooling fans. Cool air is condensed and circulated throughout the casing, which then rapidly ejects waste heat via the ventilated PCIe bracket.

SafeStorage NVMe SSD Encryption Solution

RocketAIC 7749MW AIC SSDs are compatible with HighPoint's SafeStorage, a comprehensive NVMe Hardware Encryption Solution designed to accommodate large-scale RAID arrays and individual SSDs. Developed in line with leading SED technology and based on OPAL SSC TCG specifications, SafeStorage is designed to safeguard critical assets by preventing access to stored data when physical disks are misplaced or stolen. Volumes encrypted with SafeStorage activate each disk member’s self-encryption capabilities, providing robust data protection.

Comprehensive Compatibility and Installation Guides

HighPoint’s has extensive experience with Dell, HP and Supermicro computing platforms, encompassing the integration of our storage AICs as well as the development and maintenance of device driver and management software for these solutions. As a result, RocketAIC NVMe AIC SSDs are seamlessly compatible with a wide range of HP Z and ProLiant Workstations and Servers, and Dell Precision and PowerEdge platforms. HighPoint has conducted intensive research to identify each compatible platform, analyze their capabilities, and provide clear, concise installation guides for each supported RocketAIC AIC SSD. All reports follow the same easy to read format and are continuously updated to ensure the latest information and testing data is readily available. 

Quick & Intuitive Management Suite

Though RocketAIC NVMe AIC SSDs are designed to work right out of the box, customers are free to install HighPoint’s intuitive WebGUI and CLI management software suite, which includes our SHI solution (Storage Health Inspector), which provides simple and quick real-time temperature monitoring and endurance tracking. Administrators can easily tailor RAID storage for a specific target Application & platform.

Striping - This mode delivers Maximum Performance and capacity by linking multiple NVMe SSDs together to act as a single storage unit.

Mirroring - This mode creates a hidden duplicate of the target SSD, and is ideal for applications that require an extra layer of data security, including bootable volumes.

Security & Speed –This mode offers the best of both worlds. Two mirrored arrays are striped together to maximize performance with a layer of data redundancy. 


Shipping & Availability

HighPoint’s RocketAIC 7749MW NVMe AIC SSD will be shipping in March of 2024, and will be available worldwide, direct from our E-Store and our Certified Global Resale and Distribution partners.


Where to Buy

RocketAIC 7749MW 32TB PCIe Gen 4 x16 NVMe AIC SSD: MSRP USD $5,799.00

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