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The Industry's Fastest External NVMe RAID Storage Solution

The SSD6780A is the industry's first external NVMe RAID solution with dedicated end-to-end PCIe Gen4 x16 connectivity. The compact RAID enclosure is only 4.5” tall, yet can host upwards of 120TB of U.2, U.3 or M.2 NVMe RAID storage, at speeds up to 28,000MB/s.

Due to the external connectivity and comprehensive Windows, Linux & macOS device driver support, the SSD6780A can be easily shared between multiple workstations, even those based on different hardware platforms. 

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Unbeatable Storage Performance

The SSD6780A’s flexible, performance-focused backplane architecture leverages intelligent PCIe switch technology to allocate up to x4 lanes of host bandwidth to each device bay. This enables the enclosure to deliver up to 28,000MB/s of transfer performance using just 4 or 5 NVMe SSDs!

Customers with extreme performance or capacity requirements can link two SSD7680A’s using HighPoint’s Cross-Sync RAID technology to accommodate upwards of 240TB of storage at speeds up to 55,000MB/s!

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Unique external cabling solution delivers end-to-end PCIe Gen4 x16 connectivity

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The discreet, half-height PCIe HBA included with the SSD7680A is available as an accessory, and can be installed into any computing platform with a free PCIe 4.0 x16 slot. This enables administrators to share a single SSD6780A enclosure amongst multiple workstations.

Secure, Compact & Portable

The SSD6780A is the compact 8-bay storage solution in today’s marketplace. The vertically aligned 2.5” drive trays allow for a marked reduction in chassis height and mass. The small hardware footprint is ideal for applications that require a portable, easily serviced high-speed mass storage solution.

The highly secure, self-locking cables are of proprietary design, are available in lengths up to 2 meters, and deliver x16 lanes of dedicated host-to-device connectivity to ensure maximum throughput.  

Integrated Hot-Plug & Hot-Swap Capability Streamlines

Field Service & Maintenance Workflows:

Like HighPoint's revolutionary SSD7580 U.2/U.3 NVMe RAID AIC, SSD6780A RAID enclosures feature true Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap capability.

Hot-Swap capability is a huge boon for NVMe technology, as it can drastically streamline service and upgrade workflows.

Administrators can add or remove one or more NVMe SSDs on the fly, as necessity demands. This includes RAID and single-drive configurations. The SSD6780A will automatically notify the operating system of any changes, in real time – no reboot required!

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The removable, Hot-Plugable 2.5" NVMe Drive Trays are avaiable for U.2, U.3 & M.2 form factors.

Robust, Ultra-Quiet Cooling Solution

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The performance capabilities of an NVMe RAID solution won’t amount to much in an uncontrolled hardware environment. NVMe media runs quite hot under load, especially PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSDs. To ensure the long-term viability of NVMe storage configurations, administrators need a quick, reliable away to keep tabs on the storage media and ensure ambient temperature is under control.

HighPoint NVMe RAID Enclosures provide all the tools you need to actively combat the threat of waste heat, and ensure critical storage can remain online, 24/7/365, in a wide range of working environments. The robust, aluminum chassis are equipped with a pair of ultra-quiet high-efficiency cooling fans and ventilated drive bays, and feature a comprehensive real-time monitoring system that incorporates full fan control with LED indication, audible alarms and customizable thresholds. Administrators can select from two modes: full manual control or a self-regulating SMART mode.

Self-Monitoring LED Indication & Alert System

The SSD6780A’s advanced LED indicators simplify on-site Service & Management workflows. The integrated Self-Monitoring and Debugging services actively monitor and report the status of hosted NVMe SSDs/RAID arrays.

  • Enclosure & Disk Power Status

  • PCIe Status (Optimal, Sub-Optimal)

  • Secure Cable connection

  • Temperature Threshold warning system

  • RAID Status (Normal, Critical, Rebuilding & Failure)

  • SSD Status (Normal, Warning & Failure)

  • OOB (USB-Type C) Port: Out-of-Band Management

  • Remote Management via Ethernet Port

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Comprehensive NVMe RAID Monitoring & Management Suite

Comprehensive Management and Monitoring Suite

The SSD6780A includes comprehensive suite of graphical and command-line based management and monitoring tools suitable for administrators of any experience level.  

The WebGUI is a simple, intuitive graphical user interface designed to work with all modern Web Browsers. It is equipped with Wizard-like quick configuration menus as well as a suite of advanced tools for expert administrators.  

The CLI (Command Line Interface) is ideal for seasoned administrators or platforms that do not utilize graphical operating systems.  

SHI (Storage Health Inspector) - allows administrators to instantly check the operating status of NVMe media in real-time. SHI utilizes SMART technology to log and report the physical characteristics of each SSD, such as temperature, voltage and TBW (Total Bytes Written).  

Intelligent 1-Click Self-Diagnostic Solution: HighPoint’s Web-based graphical management suite (WebGUI) now includes a host of automated diagnostic tools designed to streamline the troubleshooting process, even for novice administrators. The Diagnostic tab enables the interface to gather all necessary hardware, software and storage configuration data and compile it into a single file, which can be transmitted directly to our FAE Team via our Online Support Portal.

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