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RocketStor 6418TS - 8-Bay 6G SAS/SATA SFF-8088 RAID Tower Enclosure


• Robust, High-Performance alternative to external USB Storage

• Dual SFF-8088 Mini-SAS ports Deliver over 3,000MB/s of transfer bandwidth

• 8x Hot-swappable 2.5"/3.5" HDD SSD Drive Bays

• RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 & JBOD

• Comprehensive RAID Management Suite

• For Linux, macOS & Windows platforms

HighPoint’s RocketStor 6400TS Series SFF-8088 to SAS/SATA enclosures are highly-secure, blazing fast, professional grade alternatives to USB-based external SAS/SATA storage solutions. Available with up to 8 independent drive bays, RocketStor 6400 series enclosures can deliver over 3000MB/s of transfer bandwidth and are capable of hosting 160+TB of storage capacity. The robustly constructed aluminum enclosures are capable of hosting host up to eight of today’s fastest and densest SAS/SATA hard drives and SSDs. The integrated RAID technology enables administrators to easily configure maintain one or more RAID configurations, which can be tailored to maximum performance, storage capacity or data redundancy. 

RocketStor 6400TS series enclosures can be easily installed into any PC or Mac platform with a free PCIe x16 slot, and include comprehensive driver support for all major Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems. 

RocketStor 6400TS series RAID enclosures are shipped as complete kits; compact tower enclosure with removable 2.5”/3.5” drive trays, all necessary SFF-8088 and power cabling, and a PCIe RAID AIC equipped with external SFF-8088 port connectivity.


Robust, Enterprise-Grade External Storage Connectivity

Customers in search of secure, high-performance data-pipeline for external SAS/SATA storage media need look nofurther.

HighPoint RocketStor 6400 series SAS/SATA RAID enclosures employ industry-standard SFF-8088 connectivity to maximum transfer throughput and data integrity. Developed for enterprise grade storage applications, SFF-8088 cables are robustly constructed, and highly secure; they utilize locking/latching mechanisms that prevents accidental removal. A single SFF-8088 cable provides enough bandwidth to enable four SAS/SATA devices to operate at optimal speeds (500-600MB/s each).

Powered by Industry Proven RAID & Storage Technology

RocketStor 6400 series SAS/SATA RAID enclosures are powered by HighPoint's industry-proven RAID stack, which enables each solution to support one or more RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 , 50 and JBOD arrays and single-drive configurations. RocketStor 6400 series enclosures are also capable of supporting bootable drives and arrays for Linux and Windows platforms.


Storage Availability & Accessibility

Robust Redundant RAID 5 & 6 Protection: The RocketStor 6418TS has integrated a series of preemptive security measures to maximize Storage uptime whenever data is needed. Redundant RAID 5 and 6 protection shields storage configurations from 1 or 2 disk failures without compromising data accessibility.

Robust RAID Recovery

Efficient RAID Recovery Solution: The RocketStor 6418TS can save and manage redundant RAID Configurations to ensure RAID accessibility and availability. This configuration data can be used to recover disabled arrays in the case of a power outage or severe hardware failure.


RAID and Storage Management & Monitoring Tools

RocketStor 6400 series SAS/SATA RAID Enclosures include our comprehensive suite of Storage and RAID Management & Monitoring tools. These software utilities have been actively developed for and perfected over many years, and are available for Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems.

The utility suite provides administrators with full manual control over almost all aspects of the storage solution, from monitoring hosted HDDs/SSDs in real time, recovering or rebuilding a storage configuration in an emergency situation, to configuring an automated maintenance schedule to proactively ward off the threat of downtime imposed by a potential hardware failure.

WebGUI (Web-Based Graphical Management Interface): The WebGUI is an intuitive graphical user interface designed to work with all modern Web Browsers. It the easiest interface to master, as many of the features, especially those related to RAID creation, have default settings that let you breeze through everything with a few simple clicks. However, the WebGUI also has many advanced features that are essential for maintaining a successful storage configuration.

CLI (Command Line Interface):The HighPoint CLI (Command Line Interface) is ideal for seasoned administrators and platforms that do not utilize graphical operating systems. For many Linux veterans, it is the tool of choice, as it runs from a terminal window, is universal for any distribution, and does not require a graphical OS.


SHI (Storage Health Inspector): SHI provides wealth of information about storage media, and enables administrators to instantly asses the temperature, endurance rating, and operational status of each hosted drive.

1-Click Self Diagnostic Logging Service: The WebGUI includes an automated diagnostic tool designed to streamline the troubleshooting process, even for novice administrators. The Diagnostic tab enables the interface to gather information about the corresponding hardware, software and storage configurations and compile it into a single file which can be submitted to our Support Department. Note, this software does not collect user-data (actual data stored to the storage devices), and poses no threat to security or privacy.

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Port Type
SFF-8088 (Q-SATA)
RAID Class
Turbo RAID
Number of Ports
2x SFF-8088 (Mini-SAS)
Optional Battery Backup Module (HPTBBU-05)
Bus Interface
PCIe 2.0 x8
RAID Level
0, 1, 5, 6(1),10, 50 and JBOD
Operating System
Windows 11,10, 8.1, 8, 7 Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012R2, 2008 Only supports 64 bit operating system.
Linux (Support Linux Driver auto Compile) (Linux Driver can be installed via internet/network connection) Only supports 64 bit operating system.
Driver embedded into FreeBSD 9.0 and later
macOS X10.6 ~ macOS Ventura 13.x
Mac Intel platform: Driver embedded into Mac OS X 10.10 and later. Mac M1 platform: The driver needs to be downloaded and installed from the official website.
Secure Boot(PC platforms)
Windows: Support Secure Boot enable and disable Linux:Support Secure Boot disable
Unlimited (Click here for recommended HDD and SSD)
Number Of drives
Up to 8
Drive Interface
Drive Form Factor
2.5", 3.5"
Brushed aluminum housing
Enclosure Dimension
13.00"(H)x 5.67"(W)x10.12"(D)
Enclosure Weight
1 Year
Advanced RAID Feature
Configurable RAID Block Size up to 1MB
Flash ROM for Upgradeable Firmware
DV Mode Technology
Storage Health Inspector
Redundant RAID Configurations
Optional Battery Backup unit retains data when power outage occurs
Multiple RAID Partitions supported
Online Array Roaming
Online RAID Level Migration (ORLM)
Yes (macOS is not support)
Online Capacity Expantion (OCE)
Yes (macOS is not support)
RAID Initialization Background/Foreground/Quick
Global Hot Spare Disk support
Automatic and configurable RAID Rebuilding Priority
NVRAM with Write Journaling enhances RAID integrity
Disk Format compatible: 512, 512e, 4Kn
Larger than 2 TB Drive and RAID Array support
Native Command Queuing
Write Back and Write Through
Storage Monitoring and Management Suite
Browser-Based management tool
CLI(Command Line Interface- scriptable configuration tool,
API package
Drive LED Indicator: Power, Present, Active
SMTP Email Alert Notification
Power Supply
AC INPUT: 100-240V ~ 5A 50/60Hz; DC OUTPUT: 250W
Internal Fan
80x80x25mm, Dual Fan
Alarm Buzzer
Software Downloads
Refer to RR2722
Kit Contents
1x 8-Bay Tower Enclosure
1x 8-Port SATA 6Gb/s Turbo RAID PCIe2.0 x8 Host Adapter
1x Low-Profile Bracket
2x SFF-8088 (Q-SATA) Cables
1x UL Power Cord
32x 3.5” HDD mounting screws
32x 2.5” SSD mounting screws
1x Quick Installation Guide
Firmware / Bios
Driver for macOS(Note: Product is natively supported by macOS 10.8 and later)
Windows WebGUI - RAID Management Interface
Windows 7 and later / Windows 2008 and later
macOS WebGUI - RAID Management Interface
Linux WebGUI - RAID Management Interface
Linux Command Line Interface (CLI)
Linux Open Source Driver
Supported Linux Kernel Version
(Supports Linux Kernel 4.15)
Compatibility List
Quick Installation Guide
User Manual
Windows 10 Quick Installation Guide
RocketStor Set Up Guide for Windows
RocketStor Set Up Guide for Mac
Cross Platform Support With RS6000 RAID Enclosure
Choose Drives to Build RAID
CLI Guide
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