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New Gen5 x16 NVMe AIC Brings 56GB/s Real-World Performance to Intel 600/700 & AMD X670E Desktops!

Fremont, CA – Disappointed by the lackluster performance of standard PCIe Gen5 NVMe add-in cards (AICs)? Need to break through the Gen4 bandwidth bottleneck? HighPoint has the solution. Our Rocket 1608A NVMe Switch AIC will enable you fully exploit x16 lanes of PCIe Gen5 bandwidth provided by Intel 600/ 700 and AMD X670E-based Desktop Platforms. The Rocket 1608A is much more than technological breakthrough. It represents a giant leap forward for productivity creativity and performance!

Mind Blowing 64TB @ 56GB/s Storage Upgrade with Seamless Plug & Play Installation for Content Creators, SMB Applications and Gaming Enthusiasts

Considering a storage upgrade? You are not alone. Whether running IT for a Small to Medium Business (SMB), composing or editing media content for public consumption, or simply enjoying some downtime with your dedicated gaming rig, the appeal of a Gen5 NVMe storage upgrade is immediately obvious. The promise of 64GB/s transfers via a Linux or Windows controlled RAID 0 array, instant response time and massive storage capacity can help you make the most out of personal and professional pursuits alike.

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However, sourcing the right upgrade requires that you look beyond the "Gen5" label. Cheap, mass-market Gen5 NVMe AICs may be appealing on the surface, but closer inspection will expose their obvious flaws. For most, Gen5 performance is simply a possibility, not a guarantee. All too often, you will be forced to choose between your GPU/Network/Capture Device and the NVMe upgrade. If not paired with a specific slot, your shiny new Gen5 SSD may be relegated to Gen4 performance.

Simply put, standard NVMe AICs are completely reliant on your CPU - depending on the load you will be placing on the storage, you may in fact be compromising the overall performance of your system. If you want to experience true Gen5 storage performance, you need an advanced solution equipped with PCIe Switch Technology. Unlike standard NVMe AICs, which place the burden on the host computer, HighPoint's PCIe Switching architecture alleviate CPU load by directly managing I/O requests between NVMe SSDs hosted by the AIC. In addition, NVMe AICs armed with switching technology have built-in Bifurcation - that is, they can manage and allocate available PCIe resources on the fly, and allocate it to where it is needed most. Gen5 performance is no longer simply a possibility. The Rocket 1608A can make 64GB/s transfer bandwidth and 56GB/s real-world transfers a reality.

Universal Intel 600/700 & AMD X670E Compatibility

Stop settling for chipset PCIe connectivity limitations and performance handicaps. Thanks to HighPoint’s Rocket 1608A, you no longer have to live with a single x16 slot or two x8 slots. Connect more SSDs and enhance the performance of your platform with 56GB/s of real-world transfer speed and 64TB of storage capacity no matter which Intel 600/700 or AMD X670E desktop you prefer.

Integrated PCIe Switching Architecture Handles Bifurcation On-Card

Letting your motherboard deal with PCIe bifurcation seems like an easy answer, but it's not worth the bandwidth reduction. We use dedicated 48-lane Broadcom PCIe Gen4 and Gen5 Switch ICs to manage SSDs without sacrificing performance. HighPoint's built-in bifurcation capabilities deliver optimal speed and bandwidth for each drive by default — no more messing with BIOS settings.


Full-Speed Support for PCIe Gen4 and Gen5 Media

Why accept worse performance because you're using older hardware? The HighPoint PCIe switching architecture works equally well with PCIe Gen4 and Gen5 x4 or x2 media. All you need is our Rocket 1608A to operate at full speed and peak bandwidth.

Make the Most of Available Lanes with HighPoint Independent PCIe Switching Technology

Typical PCIe bifurcation solutions distribute lanes using the Intel 600/700 motherboard southbridge or CPU. This is the standard for most AICs, but motherboard-based bifurcation doesn't only split lanes — it also slashes performance. All your bandwidth might get assigned to just one x4 SSD:

  • With x16 downstream lanes and a single SSD, you waste x12 lanes.

  • With x8 downstream lanes and two SSDs, a total of x8 lanes go unused.

At best, host platform bifurcation delivers half the performance you deserve. We don't think this is acceptable, so the HighPoint NVMe product line includes integrated Broadcom PEX PCIe switch technology with built-in bifurcation. Our dedicated switch technology let you fully use all x16 lanes with up to eight M.2 SSDs.

Full-Fledged Gen4 and Gen5 PCIe Support

There's a HighPoint switch AIC for every use case and hardware setup. Connect your choice of M.2, SSDs with the industry's fastest and densest Gen5 Gen4 NVMe AICs.

The Rocket series 8-Channel M.2 NVMe AICs are your go-to solutions for any x86 server or workstation that demands high-performance NVMe storage. These AICs support up to eight 2280 form factor M.2 SSDs and simplify life with native driver support and automatic OS recognition.

PCIe Gen5 NVMe Switch AIC Series for M.2 Media

PCIe Gen4 NVMe Switch AIC Series for M.2 Media


Optimize Your Desktop Platform with a High-Performance HighPoint NVMe Switch Solution

Any NVMe AIC can let you connect SSDs, but HighPoint’s Rocket 1608A Switch AIC is the only M.2 solution to deliver true Gen5 performance and up to 64TB of storage for Intel and AMD Desktop platform.

HighPoint PCIe switching architecture can maximize the storage performance of your Gen5 platform. Put your bandwidth to work by discussing your application with our expert staff, or checking out our compatibility guides.

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About HighPoint Technologies, Inc.

HighPoint Technologies stands at the forefront of storage innovation as the industry's -premier manufacturer of high-performance, high-density NVMe Switch and RAID AIC & Adapter solutions for off-the-shelf x86 AMD and Intel platforms. With a rich history spanning nearly three decades, our dedication to delivering innovative, reliable, and high-performance storage solutions has consistently set us ahead in the marketplace.

HighPoint’s NVMe storage solutions are powered by our industry-proven PCIe Switching Architecture, and designed to address the dynamic requirements of AI applications, Data Centers, Edge Servers, and high-performance workstation and desktop platforms, enabling customers to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.

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Experience the power of PCIe 5.0 with HighPoint’s new NVMe AIC Rocket 1608A capable of 56GBps speeds and 64TB capacity


Gen5 x16 NVMe AIC: 56GB/s Power for Intel 600/700 & AMD X670E Desktops


HighPoint Rocket 1608A 8x M.2 PCIe 5 x4 für bis zu 56 GB/s


HighPoint’s Rocket 1608A is the Industry's First Gen5 NVMe AIC to deliver 56GB/s Transfer Speed & 64TB of Storage for Intel & AMD Desktop Platforms









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