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Why you should consider NVMe storage

NVMe Storage is Fast, Compact, and Affordable

Considering making the switch to NVMe? Now is a great time to replace aging SAS/SATA storage with an NVMe RAID solution. Unlike SAS/SATA technology, which has largely stagnated in recent years, NVMe technology has benefited from a continuous stream of advancements.

Blisteringly Fast

One of the easiest ways to boost the performance capabilities of modern computing platforms is to use NVMe storage. NVMe media is many times faster than the average SAS/SATA hard drive or SSD. Most run-of-the-mill PCIe Gen3 M.2 drives can deliver 3000MB/s of transfer performance - 10x that of today's fastest 12G SAS hard drives. Gen4 transfer rates are even more dramatic; up to 7000MB/s for a single SSD!

HighPoint's NVMe RAID controllers enable customers to push the performance even further - up to an astonishing 55,000MB/s! Arrays can be configured using up to 8 SSDs in a single card, or as many as 16 with a dual-card Cross-Sync configuration.


NVMe technology allows for extremely discreet, high-performance mass storage solutions. One, single-width, NVMe HBA or RAID controller can support up to 8 SSDs, making the small hardware footprint of HighPoint HPC (High Port Count) NVMe solutions ideal for compact server and workstation platforms, such as mini-PCs, half-tower desktops, and industrial computers. Additionally, many NVMe solutions are directly integrated into other devices, applicances, or machinery, such as autonomous driving applications, high-resolution digital recorders/image capturing systems, or IOT solutions.

To put this into perspective, you would need approximately 40 12G SAS hard drives to match the performance capabilities of a single SSD7140A equiped with 8 M.2 SSDs. Our Gen4 SSD7500 Series RAID controllers raise the bar even higher; you would need to double the number of SAS devices to 80!

Widely Available & Increasingly Affordable

Despite the massive performance advantages of NVMe technology, storage capacity is still a concern for many would-be M.2/U.2 adoptees. While it's hard to match SAS/SATA dollar to TB ratio, NVMe SSDs are now widely available with up to 16TB of storage. And, due to the proliferation of the technology, most new computers have at least one NVMe option available at the time of purchase (typically as the boot volume). As a result, NVMe media is becoming more and more affordable.

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