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SSD7580: Online Array Roaming Simplifies Upgrade and Replacement Procedures

Customers can move an array from one SSD7580B controller to another SSD7580B controller – the RAID configuration will remain intact and accessible. If the system hosting the second SSD7580B controller recognizes the file system, and the proper device driver is installed, the array will mount like an ordinary drive.

This ability is commonly referred to as “Online Array Roaming”.

Online Array Roaming is not limited to arrays configured by the SSD7580B. The controller is also capable of recognizing arrays created with other SSD7000 and SSD7500 series controllers. In fact, the SSDs do not even need to be attached to the same port number – the SSD7580B is capable of sorting this on its own.

The ability to support Online Array Roaming simplifies upgrade or replacement procedures, as customers can migrate SSDs from one HighPoint NVMe RAID solution to another, without having to start from scratch or recover an array.

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