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The SSD6540 a four-bay external NVMe storage solution desiged to deliver dedicated, host-t0-device PCIe Gen3 x16 transfer bandwidth. The unique hardware architecture allocates x4 lanes to each 2.5" drive bay to ensure the hosted U.2 SSD operates at peak performance. The SSD6540 is offered as a complete, stand-alone solution, and includes a compact 4-Bay NVMe U.2 enclosure, PCIe 3.0 x16 controller card with external SFF- 8644 connectors, two SFF-8644 8x data cables, and all necessary fastening and power accessories.

Industry Proven RAID Technology

The SSD6540 is powered by our industry leading NVMe RAID technology, and delivers class leading cost/performance benefits. Customers can easily configure one or more RAID 0, 1 or 10 arrays to satisfy the demands of a variety of high-density storage applications including media post production, HD media capture, scientific/R&D, and developmental workstations.

Built-in LCD screen Streamlines Monitoring & Maintenance

Each SSD6540 features a built-in LCD screen that displays environmental conditions in real-time. Customers can quickly access the temperature of storage configurations and adjust fan speed to ensure the NVMe drives stay healthy and

run optimally. In addition, a built in alarm can be set to activate in the case of temperature or enclosure related warning or failure.

Comprehensive Management & Monitoring Suite

SSD6540 Series enclosures include a comprehensive suite of graphical and command-line based management and monitoring tools suitable for administrators of any experience level. The WebGUI is a simple, intuitive Web-based graphical user interface. It is equipped with Wizard-like quick configuration menus as well as a suite of advanced tools for expert administrators. The CLI (Command Line Interface) is ideal for seasoned administrators or platforms that do not utilize graphical operating systems.

SHI (Storage Health Inspector): instantly check the status of NVMe media in real-time. SHI utilizes SMART technology to log & report the physical characteristics of each SSD, such as temperature, voltage & TBW (Total Bytes Written).

Intelligent 1-Click Self-Diagnostic & Logging Solution: HighPoint’s WebGUI includes a host of automated diagnostic tools designed to streamline the troubleshooting process, even for novice administrators. The Diagnostic tab enables the interface to gather all necessary hardware, software and storage configuration data and compile it into a single file, which can be transmitted directly to our FAE Team.