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HighPoints SSD6444 Series Enclosures are the industry's most compact external PCIe Gen3 NVMe RAID Solutions. The flexible, high-performance hardware architecture leverages intelligent PCIe switch technology and PCIe Gen3 x16 host connectivity to allocate x4 lanes of dedicated bandwidth to each NVMe SSD. This enables each enclosure to deliver up to 14,000MB/s of transfer performance using just 4 NVMe SSDs!

Robust, Ultra-Quiet Cooling Solution

SSD6444 Series RAID Enclosures actively combat the threat of  thermal throttling and works to ensure critical storage can remain online. The robust, aluminum chassis is equipped with a powerful, low-decibel cooling fan and ventilated drive bays, and features a comprehensive real-time monitoring system that incorporates full fan control with LED indication, audible alarms and thresholds that can be customized to correspond with your choice of NVMe SSDs. The advanced cooling system and sensor suite are designed to work in conjunction with the HighPoint WebGUI and CLI software management suites. SHI (Storage Health Inspector) enables administrators to monitor the temperature of each NVMe SSD in real time, and configure warning thresholds to correspond with each make & model.

Ultra-Compact Form Factor

At less than 5 inches tall, and only 6 inches wide, the SSD6444 & SSD6444A is one of the most compact 4-bay storage enclosures in today’s marketplace. The vertically aligned 2.5” drive trays allow for a marked reduction in chassis height and mass, which ideal for applications that require a portable, easily serviced high-speed mass storage solution.

Comprehensive Management & Monitoring Suite

SSD6444 Series enclosures include a comprehensive suite of graphical and command-line based management and monitoring tools suitable for administrators of any experience level. The WebGUI is a simple, intuitive Web-based graphical user interface. It is equipped with Wizard-like quick configuration menus as well as a suite of advanced tools for expert administrators. The CLI (Command Line Interface) is ideal for seasoned administrators or platforms that do not utilize graphical operating systems .

SHI (Storage Health Inspector): instantly check the status of NVMe media in real-time. SHI utilizes SMART technology to log & report the physical characteristics of each SSD, such as temperature, voltage & TBW (Total Bytes Written).

Intelligent 1-Click Self-Diagnostic & Logging Solution: HighPoint’s WebGUI includes a host of automated diagnostic tools designed to streamline the troubleshooting process, even for novice administrators. The Diagnostic tab enables the interface to gather all necessary hardware, software and storage configuration data and compile it into a single file, which can be transmitted directly to our FAE Team via our Online.

SSD6444 Front Side
Advanced Cooling Solution_SSD6444
SSD6444 Performance Focused Hardware Architecture

SSD6444 & SSD6444A

4-Bay PCIe Gen3 x16 U.2/U.3 NVMe RAID Enclosure

Industry's Most Compact External PCIe Gen3 NVMe RAID Solution



Product feature

Host Ports

SFF-8644 MiniSAS

Bus Interface


Data Transfer Rate

8GT/s per lane

Number of Devices

4x U.2/U.3/M.2 NVMe SSDs

SSD Form Factor

2.5 " U.2

Cooling System

Single, Ultra-Quiet 8025 Cooling Fans with Self-Monitoring & Manual Fan Control

Fan controller interface

Browser-Based management tool 
CLI (Command Line Interface- scriptable configuration tool) 


AL6061 Aluminum alloy


6.10" W x 5.12" H x 8.27 "D


11.46 lbs


1 Year

Supported Operating System (Data RAID-Non Bootable)

Windows 11 , 10
Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016
Microsoft Hyper-V
RHEL/Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora/Proxmox/Rocky Linux(Linux kernel 3.10 and later)
Mac Platforms:  • Apple Mac Pro Systems: macOS 10.13 ~ macOS ventura 13.x  • Intel & Apple M1 Platform compatible



Secure Boot(PC platforms)

Windows: Support Secure Boot enable and disable Linux:Support Secure Boot disable

System requirement

CPU Navite PCIe Socket

RAID Support

Single, RAID 0, 1, 10

RAID Feature

SMTP Email Alert Notification
Alarm Buzzer
Storage Health Inspector
NVMe SMART status
Automatic and configurable RAID Rebuilding Priority
Auto resume incomplete rebuilding after power on or reboot system

Compliance Certification


Front panel

Status LED

Solid Blue:  Fan speed and temperature in normal status.
Solid Red:  The enclosure temperature has exceeded the critical threshold (60℃)
Red, flashing: The fan speed has droppped below the critical threshold (100 rpm)
Yellow, flashing: The enclosure temperature has exceeded the warning threshold (55℃), or the fan speed is below the warning threshold (250 rpm)





HighPoint logo LED

Solid blue:Power on

Tray LED

Lights out: The disk is not detected, or the disk adapter (U.2 to M.2)  LED is not responding
Solid Blue: The disk is detected.
Blue, flashing: Disk I/O
Solid Red: The disk has failed.


(operating) 5°C – 45°C (non-operating) -40°C – 65°C

operating voltage

PCI-e: 12V, 3.3V 

Back Panel

Ethernet Network port

1 Ethernet RJ45 port, DHCP or static IP address assignment, dashboard and Web browser-based management UI device health

4x SFF-8644 Connector

SFF-8644 cable connector for HBA connection


Update the Enclosure firmware and check the device status. 

Mute button

Mute the internal enclosure alarm buzzer     (cause of alarm sound: host communication, internal ambient temperature is higher than 60 degrees, fan speed is lower 100 rpm or stops running)



Selective switch


AC power input

AC INPUT: 100-240V ~ 5A 50/60Hz; DC OUTPUT: 250W

Power Switch

Enclosure power switch

Safety Lock

Kensington Lock

Kit Contents

1x Quick Installation Guide
1x 4-Bay Enclosure
20x 2.5 SSD mounting screws
1x PCIe 3.0 x16 controller (external SFF-8644 port)
4x Drive Trays
1x UL Power Cord
2x MiniSAS 8644-8644-210 Cables (SSD6444) / 2x MiniSAS 8644-8644-220 Cables (SSD6444A)
1x Low Profile Bracket

Optional Accessories

8644-8644-210 (EOL)

SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 1 meter cable


SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 2 meter cable

U.2 to M.2 Tray

For M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs - PCIe M.2 Drive to 2.5" U.2 (SFF-8639) Host Adapter - M2 SSD Converter


NVMe RAID Solutions for High-Resolution Media Capture

NVMe RAID Solutions for High-Resolution Media Capture

NVMe RAID Solutions for High-Resolution Media Capture

NVMe RAID Solutions for High-Resolution Media Capture

Product Gallery

Product Family

Optional Accessories


SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 cable

Length: 2M (200cm)/6'6''


SFF-8644 to SFF-8644 cable

Length: 1M (100cm)/39.37''


PCIe 3.0 x16 controller with

external SFF-8644 connector

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