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HyperRAID Solution

Unparalleled Performance Acceleration & Unified NVMe Storage Management

HighPoint’s groundbreaking HyperRAID technology is set to revolutionize high performance Enterprise and Cloud server applications. These type of platforms employ powerful multi-core CPUs, terabytes of memory, and provide upwards of 128 lanes of PCIe Gen4 or Gen5 connectivity; a truly massive amount of potential transfer bandwidth, and ideal for NVMe based storage appliances.

However, making sure NVMe storage has the resources it needs, when it needs it, and ensuring critical applications have direct access to said storage is often easier said then done. Tying everything together under a unified management system, and ensuring customers can easily tap into these resources on demand, is the key to a successful deployment. HyperRAID can make this a reality.

HyperRAID Solution.png
HyperRAID Solution.png

HyperRAID was designed to fully leverage the prodigious volume of PCIe host bandwidth of modern enterprise servers to ensure every NVMe SSD installed into the system performs optimally. In addition, HyperRAID can be customized to accommodate SAS/SATA storage configurations alongside NVMe media.

HyperStorage combines our industry-proven____.jpg
HyperStorage combines our industry-proven____.jpg

HyperRAID combines our industry-proven RAID stack with a unified Storage Management suite that gives customers complete control over all NVMe media hosted by the mainboard ecosystem; regardless of SSD form factor, media class or host device.


HyperRAID was designed to fully leverage the prodigious volume of PCIe host bandwidth of modern enterprise servers to ensure every NVMe SSD installed into the system performs optimally. In addition, HyperRAID can be customized to accommodate SAS/SATA storage configurations alongside NVMe media..

Unified NVMe Storage Management Suite

  • Manage all NVMe, SAS & SATA devices via a Single Interface

  • Comprehensive Software Suite: Web-Based GUI, CLI, UEFI & BIOS Utilities

  • Dynamically Assign media to one of 3 Storage Pools:

    • Bootable drives/RAID arrays

    • Primary RAID storage

    • Flash storage

  • Universal Compatibility with Linux & Windows platforms

HyperRAID is a truly universal solution for NVMe media. Customers can use as many SSDs as needed, and the SSDs do not need to be directly connected to a HighPoint controller or enclosure – any NVMe SSD installed into the system, even those attached to the motherboards built-in NVMe ports, can be managed directly by HyperRAID.

The unified NVMe Storage Management software suite is available for all modern operating systems and enables administrators to assign each NVMe SSD to one of three storage pools: bootable drives or RAID arrays, primary RAID storage, or flash storage. The pools are dynamic by nature; media can be assigned to each pool as needed, regardless of form factor, capacity or performance level.

High-Speed Neworks Offloading

NVMe Performance Optimization Solutions

Industry Proven NVMe Architecture: HighPoint’s industry-proven performance-focused NVMe hardware architecture leverages dedicated PCIe host bandwidth with state-of-the-art switch technology to maximize the transfer rates of each hosted NVMe SSD. HyperRAID elevates this concept to new heights by extending this capability across the entire server ecosystem. Every NVMe SSD installed into the platform will now be capable of delivering maximum throughput on demand!

Performance Acceleration Technology for Targeted Applications: The vast majority of Enterprise server platforms utilize multi-core/Multi-CPU motherboards. While a steady stream of computing and memory resources are readily available, they may not be properly allocated to the target application or applications, and corresponding NVMe media. HyperRAID has integrated the HighPoint HPT-Optimize utility to simplify this performance tuning process.

  • Smartly Allocates System Resources to ensure the target App utilizes the full potential of NVMe Storage Performance

  • Intuitively Maps the most Efficient I/O processing route

  • Reduced Job Processing Latency

  • Manageable Consumption levels of processing Resources

NVMe Performance Optimization Solutions.png
External/Removable Storage Enclosure
External/Removable Storage Enclosure

Integrated Bootable NVMe Hardware RAID Solution

The HyperRAID solution includes a dual-channel bootable M.2 hardware RAID HBA that is natively supported by leading operating system and virtualization platforms including Linux distributions, Windows and VMware.

The compact half-height PCIe card can be easily integrated into any computing platform with an available PCIe 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 x8 or x16 slot.

Integrated Bootable NVMe Hardware RAID Solution.png

Advanced NVMe Management & Security Features

HyperRAID includes a range of Advanced NVMe Management and Security features designed to protect your storage investments and critical data against both internal and external threats.  

HPT SafeStorage Solution secures data stored on hosted NVM media from unauthorized access or modification as a result from theft, loss or repurposing.  

1-Click Log Retriever Solution enables administrators to quickly gather system hardware and software information, and NVMe related log files when trouble shooting or submitting a support ticket.  

Out-of-Band / Pre-OS Management Utilities: Upon request, HyperRAID can incorporate OOB UEFI HII Management via System IPMI support or Ethernet/USB/BMC ports (upon request).

Inband Management Utilities: HyperRAID is fully compatible with HighPoint’s proven WebGUI Browser-Based OS level tool and CLI (Command Line Interface).

1-Click Log Retriever .png
Out-of-Band icon.png
HPT SafeStorage.png

Customizable Board Design & Cooling Solutions for Solution Providers

Need an NVMe solution capable of handling multiple bootable volumes, the freedom to distribute PCIe lanes to a particular pool of SSDs on the fly, and the ability to precisely monitor and control the operating conditions and status of storage assets in real time? HighPoint can make this happen.

HighPoint provides design and engineering services for customer applications that require a unique hardware or software package. HighPoint can incorporate HyperRAID technology into a custom-designed backplane, PCIe adapter board or enclosure/appliance.

Custom Board Design: Solution Providers can specify the form factor, dimensions and required layout of the backplane or controller board, for their choice of NVMe media (M.2, U.2/U.3, E1.S).

Custom MCU Functions: HighPoint can incorporate unique functions and features including Remote and OOB Management, customized LEDs sensors and alarms, and support NVMe + SAS/SATA configurations.  

Field-Proven NVMe Cooling Technology: HighPoint offers a wide range of advanced cooling solutions for NVMe RAID and connectivity devices. We source only the highest quality components from leading vendors, and can incorporate this technology into custom a designed product, in the form of active/passive cooling hardware, fan-control and temperature monitoring, custom LED and sensors and user-defined thresholds.

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