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HighPoint Custom Design & Engineering Services for OEM/ODM Clients

HighPoint OEM/ODM Design and Engineering Services enable Solution Providers to offer unique storage and connectivity solutions for a wide range of platforms and applications.

For over 25 years, we’ve assisted OEM/ODM clients design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge RAID storage solutions for all major hardware and software platforms. Our integration ready product lines enable even small-scale solution providers to deliver custom-tailored, professional-grade RAID storage, with a unique identity and product branding.

We welcome customer projects of any scale – from design consultation and software branding to product qualification and mass production.

Services & Solutions

Industry Proven Storage & Connectivity Solutions for NVMe, USB, Thunderbolt, & SAS/SATA

Backed by decades of design, development and manufacturing expertise, HighPoint’s -proven storage and connectivity solutions are designed to accommodate a wide range of professional-grade industrial, media and business applications. We offer comprehensive product portfolios for NVMe, USB 3.x, Thunderbolt™ 3, SAS, and SATA technology interfaces, with extensive support for all major operating systems across both PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 Intel, AMD and ARM platforms.

Established Technology Partnerships and Supply Chains

Our strong technology partnerships with leading storage provider, combined with our robust BOM supply chains enable us to streamline the entire concept to production workflow, while ensuring each product is compliant with industry standards, and compatible with the widest range of hardware and software platforms possible.

Production & Manufacturing Expertise

We have over two decades of manufacturing expertise, and have successfully designed, qualified and delivered a wide range of storage controller chipsets, electronic boards such as PCI and PCIe controller cards and AIC’s, storage docks, hubs, adapters, docking stations, tower enclosures and rackmount chassis. We have ISO standard factory support to ensure high-quality production flow, and can tailor service packages for any Performance, Application and Platform.

Product Qualification & Certification Services

Our integration ready storage modules and branding services represent a true Win-Win technology partnership for the small-scale solution provider. Money doesn’t grow on trees; even the most basic R&D, analysis and qualification procedure can drain a small-scale production’s budget seemingly overnight.


HighPoint’s Certification services allow system integrators to bypass the tedium of production and focus on the heart of the project – let HighPoint do the legwork.

We can assist OEM/ODM clients certify hardware solutions for compliance with domestic and international standards and regulations, including CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH, and WEEE. 


Does your project require Regional or Application specific Certification?

Custom PCB Design

HighPoint's core interface technology is modular by design, and can be incorporated into a variety of form factors and hardware platforms. Whether building a custom enclosure for a surveillance project, or integrating high-speed storage into mobile, autonomous device, HighPoint has the experience and expertise to transform your concept into a finished product or storage module, ready for immediate integration into the target industrial appliance or form factor.


The PCB layout of each product family can be tailored to satisfy the requirements of specific industrial applications, and for compliance with commercially available PCIe 3.0/4.0 capable motherboards or unique hardware environments. Customers can specify the required host interface, lane assignment, port count and form factor or packaging requirements.