HighPoint Technologies, Inc. RAID Storage & Technology Experts.

RAID Storage & Technology Experts

HighPoint has always been at the forefront of the storage industry. Our commitment to engineering excellence and drive for innovation enables us to seamlessly integrate cutting edge host and device interface technology into our storage solutions, and give our customers a leg up on the competition. HighPoint’s current crop of RAID Storage and Connectivity Solutions are backed by a suite of innovative features designed to maximize performance, diversify customer connectivity options and streamline storage maintenance.

Performance-Focused Hardware Architecture: HighPoint’s performance-focused architecture intelligently allocates available PCIe host bandwidth to each storage device. We offer dedicated per-port performance solutions for NVMe, USB, Thunderbolt and SAS/SATA storage interfaces.

Industry Proven RAID Stack: HighPoint RAID technology is unique to HighPoint and FnL product lines. Our RAID technology has been refined by decades of front line experience in the storage industry. Our RAID IP is independent of the host operating system and hardware platform, and is roam-capable; arrays can generally be moved from one controller to another within the same interface class, and remain intact. This simplifies upgrade and maintenance procedures (such as upgrading an aging controller with a model that supports newer interface standards, or when replacing expired hardware).

Cross-Sync RAID Technology: HighPoint dedication to the advancement of RAID technology has resulted in our latest breakthrough – Cross-Sync RAID. This innovative technology enables compact workstations and servers to access a level of transfer performance and storage capacity that was once limited to enterprise platforms and massive networked storage appliances. Administrators can easily link up to four standard profile PCIe RAID controller cards to act as a single storage device. A pair of Cross-Synced SSD7500 series NVMe RAID controllers can deliver over 40,000MB/s of transfer performance while doubling potential storage capacity.

Production & Manufacturing Expertise: We have over two decades of manufacturing expertise, and have successfully designed, qualified and delivered storage controller chipsets for mainboard and backplane applications,  electronic boards such as PCI and PCIe controller cards and AIC’s, and a wide range of storage enclosures adapters and accessories including drive docks, hubs, PCIe expanders, docking stations, tower enclosures and rackmount chassis. We have ISO standard factory support to ensure high-quality production flow, and can tailor service packages for any Performance, Application and Platform.