The emergence of NVMe technology has forever altered the storage industry. The throughput delivered by a handful of devices no larger than a flash drive can easily out-perform traditional, large-scale storage appliances. The potent combination of mind-blowing performance in robust, ultra-compact package is ideal for a wide range of applications that were once dependent on enterprise class storage solutions.
The small form factor, massive performance envelope and robust design of NVMe storage is ideal for professional grade applications that demand a high-degree of mobility in a wide range of environments, such as those essential to the scientific, entertainment production, and autonomous device fields.
Unfortunately, most commercially available NVMe solutions in today’s marketplace are less than ideal for these types of applications; they are often limited by conventional 2.5”/3.5” hardware form factors and bottlenecked by a restrictive PCIe bus, which limits their usefulness outside of consumer platforms.

                               Market Proven NVMe Technology

HighPoint NVMe solutions are ideal for the professional Value-Add OEM/ODM. Our core NVMe Technology has been on the market since 2016, and has already been deployed into a wide range of storage systems, appliances and products for Linux and Windows-based platforms. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive approach to NVMe storage, and deliver a complete range of PCIe 3.0 RAID controllers, RAID and connectivity adapters, pre-configured RAID storage, and RAID enclosures, all ready to be custom tailored for immediate integration.
Our Core NVMe Technology was designed to facilitate quick and painless integration into commercially available hardware platforms across Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. In addition, the small-footprint and modular nature of our NVMe hardware architecture, combined with our extensive software support, enables us to incorporate our NVMe technology into storage solutions with unique industrial-specific form factors and feature sets.

HighPoint NVMe Solution;

Software and Hardware Specialists

HighPoint can tailor our NVMe RAID products to meet the requirements of client defined storage applications across a wide range of OS and hardware platforms. Our strong technology partnerships with leading storage providers streamlines the entire concept to production workflow, while ensuring each product is compliant with industry standards, and compatible with the widest range of hardware and software platforms possible.

Manufacturing Experts

We have over two decades of manufacturing expertise, and have successfully designed, qualified and delivered a wide range of storage controller chipsets, electronic boards such as PCI and PCIe controller cards, storage docks, hubs, adapters, docking stations, tower enclosures and rackmount chassis. We have ISO standard factory support to ensure high-quality production flow, and can tailor service packages for any Performance, Application and Budget requirement.

Professional Integration & Branding Services

HighPoint can custom tailor NVMe RAID Controllers, Pre-Configured NVMe RAID Storage and NVMe RAID storage enclosures to meet the requirements of client defined storage applications across a wide range of OS and hardware platforms, and are ready to assist Solution Providers with unique product branding. A full API library is available for integration projects and we offer a variety of Enclosure Management protocols.

Our comprehensive ODM/OEM programs allow customers to tap into HighPoint’s two decades of engineering expertise when designing & developing Software Applications, Electronic boards, and storage enclosures - from mechanical prototypes to the finished product and mass or modular production.

Manufacturing and Developing Solutions for Startups and Independent Solution Providers

No matter the scale or scope, HighPoint can help you deliver the perfect NVMe Storage Solution.

One of the key strengths of an NVMe-based solution is the ability to pack a lot of power into a small device. This big-performance-small-footprint packaging has fostered a revolution in compact storage applications. A growing number of media production, entertainment, scientific, and security solution providers are now embracing NVMe technology.
However, small-scale providers and startups may not have the resources, time, or know-how to incorporate this new technology into deployable product.
This is where we come in.

HighPoint's core NVMe technology is modular by design, and can be incorporated into a variety of form factors and hardware platforms. Whether building a custom enclosure for a surveillance project, or integrating high-speed storage into mobile, autonomous device, HighPoint has the experience and expertise to transform your concept into a finished product or storage module, for immediate ntegration into the target industrial appliance or form factor.

HighPoint's OEM/ODM services are perfect for up and coming solution providers looking to make their mark on the storage industry. We understand the challenges Startups must deal with on a daily basis. In order to compete in today’s highly competitive, cutthroat marketplace, and deliver quality alternatives to big-brand storage manufactures, young companies must work decisively and rapidly yet remain flexible enough to address customer’s evolving needs without missing a beat; all while navigating a minefield of logistical nightmares and production pitfalls with limited resources.

HighPoint has the manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise to help, small developers, specialized solution providers and IT contractors tackle any storage application. Our engineering teams are ready to assist OEM/ODM clients design, qualify and manufacture NVMe storage solutions for a wide range of high-performance applications.
Whether designed for mass-market appeal or a targeted, small-run for a specific customer or application, HighPoint’s expert engineering and production staff is ready to assist OEM/ODM clients at any stage of development.

NVMe Solutions for Professional ODM/OEM Clients;