USB 3.1 Product Series


1) Web GUI

Q: I have more than 1 of these units, and when I check WebGUI all the drives are located on one page; Can I RAID them together?

A: We do not recommend RAIDing drives from different enclosures together. The RAID array will not function properly. Please only configure RAID arrays using drives installed into the same enclosure.

2) Cabling Options

Q: Can I use a USB-A to USB-C cable with the RS6114V / 6124V?

A: The USB-A to USB-C cable can only be used with Windows systems. It cannot be used with a Mac system.

3) Power-on Sequence

Q: When using this enclosure, what should be powered on first?

A: We recommend powering on the RocketStor 66124V/6114V before turning on the system, to allow the drives to spin up before the OS boots.