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Rocket 2700 SAS 6Gb/s HBA’s
Today’s small-to-medium businesses, more than ever before, need low-cost, high-density storage. As a result, system-level storage redundancy has become an attractive alternative to complex, high-dollar Host-RAID based solutions.

HighPoint trims away the fat and delivers exactly what the SMB customer requires – the Rocket 2700 series HBA; robust, easily integrated, native SAS 6Gb/s port-connectivity at an unbeatable price.

Seamless Integration with Existing Storage Infrastructure

Rocket2700 HBA’s are fully backwards compatible with SAS/SATA 3Gb/s devices, PCI-Express 1.0 motherboards, and can be easily integrated into existing PC-based server and workstation environments. The Simplified BIOS menu and driver packages allow administrators to quickly and easily install Rocket 2700 into any PC hardware platforms. Driver support is readily available for all current Microsoft operating systems, and major Linux distributions.

Rocket 2722
Rocket 2722
PCI-Express Bus 2.0 x8
Port Count 8
Connector Type SFF-8088
Form Factor Low-Profile
Alarm/Buzzer No
Activity/Fail LED No
Dimensions 4.72(L)*2.68( H )
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Rocket 2700
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